Attend the SURPRISE 40th Birthday Party for ALEC.

Attend the SURPRISE 40th Birthday Party for ALEC.

(The surprise is – they didn’t invite you, peasants. However, attend anyway.)

 Clown face

Since billionaires and multimillionaires pay ALEC to write the legislation for every state and the federal government, we should let them know what we think of them. Oh yes, legislators in many states also pay to be part of ALEC’s party – pay your tax money to attend. See HERE.

ALEC’s 40th Birthday Celebration

The Palmer House Hotel

in Downtown Chicago

Thursday, August 8, 2013

It’s about time that we stopped being willing victims. Show up to their party and let them know – THE PARTY IS OVER.

What, besides writing legislation, do they do to Americans? Propaganda such as the “America is broke” and cannot afford public school education for all. Fill in what you know is pure broke-broke propaganda, and you will probably be pointing at ALEC talk-talk.

Here are some facts to counter their propaganda messages.

13 Mindblowing Facts About America ‘s Tax-Dodging Corporations

June 30, 2013 AlterNet by Richard Eskow (abridged)

1. We’re told we can’t “afford” full Social Security benefits, even though closing corporate tax-haven loopholes would pay for Obama’s “chained CPI” benefit cut more than ten times over!.

2. Corporate tax rates are near their 60-year low, even though profits are at a 60-year high!

3. Wells Fargo got $8 billion in tax breaks, even as executives at its subsidiary Wachovia avoided indictment for laundering money for the Mexican drug cartels!

4. Some other corporations paid less than nothing, too. (They were granted your tax money as “incentives.”

5. The amount of money US corporations are holding offshore is an estimated 1.6 trillion dollars!

6. One building in the Cayman Islands is the official location of 18,857 corporations!

7. Conservatives complain about the “official” corporate tax rate in this country, but corporations actually pay roughly one-third of the official rate in actual taxes.

8. Corporations used to pay 30 percent of Federal taxes, and now they pay less than 7 percent!

9. Big corporations paid $216 million to Congress and got $223 billion in tax breaks!

11. Bank of America committed foreclosure fraud, was bailed out by the government, and then paid no taxes on $4.4 billion in profit!

12. What they call “tax reform” would actually prevent our elected representatives from giving businesses financial incentives to improve our lives!

13. Despite their greed, mismanagement, and freeloading, tax-dodging corporations are using shell organizations like “Fix the Debt” and “The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget” to tell ordinary Americans they have to sacrifice even more to preserve corporate wealth!

Read the full article and the info sources HERE.


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3 Responses to Attend the SURPRISE 40th Birthday Party for ALEC.

  1. Wish I could attend. I’ll spread the word though.


    • Ken Previti says:

      Thanks for sharing. You, and everyone else, are six degrees of separation (or less) from someone in Illinois who could attend. By sharing this, you just might get someone to be your surrogate.

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