The pillaging of public education tax money for the profit a few private corporations, hedge funds, and their multimillionaire/billionaire owners is criminal.

Tony Bennett, Florida Commissioner of Schools, cheated on high stakes test scores for the charter schools in Indiana owned by his wealthy campaign owner buddy. In addition his wife is being paid in Florida by the same company that Bennett awarded huge contracts to.

Barbara Byrd-Bennett, CEO of Chicago Public Schools, awarded a no-bid $20 million contract to “train principals” to her previous employer as she fired a couple of thousand teachers and school employees – and also closed over 50 public schools – for lack of education funding.

Barbara-Byrd-Bennett jail

Jail two Bennetts in one day? In the land of “and justice for all,” this should be a done deed.

More details on Tony Bennett from IEA Region 28: “Charter Schools USA earlier this year hired Tony Bennett’s wife, Tina, as a regional director based in Florida, where Tony Bennett was hired late last year as commissioner of education… Tina Bennett is now earning a paycheck from the company her husband hand-picked to take over schools in Indiana, a decision that was very good for the company’s financial fortunes.” Read HERE.


More details on Byrd-Bennett from Catalyst Chicago: ” The contract with Wilmette-based Supes Academy is by far the largest no-bid contract awarded in at least the past three years, according to a Catalyst Chicago analysis of board documents. In addition, CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett worked for the company as a coach up until the time she came on board at CPS as a consultant. There’s also conflicting information about Byrd-Bennett’s involvement with another company owned by the same individuals who run the Supes Academy.” Read HERE.

Byrd-Bennett and Paul Vallas connection? More details from Mike Klonsky’s Small Talk: “Why no-bid? Is Byrd-Bennett pal,Solomon the only one capable of retraining Chicago principals and teachers? Facilitating a meeting? Couldn’t the $20M be used for better purposes, given the massive budget cuts, teacher firings, and school closings? What’s the Vallas connection? Is he making a comeback in Chicago after being booted by Daley and leaving a wake of devastation from Philly to New Orleans to Bridgeport? Why were local ed schools at UIC, DePaul, Northeastern, et al…cut out? Why pull principals out of their schools for two weeks just as they’re getting ready for what appears to be another chaotic opening of school?” Read HERE.

Byrd-Bennett and string puller

It is important for all of us to understands that these corporate education reform stooges-for-hire demonstrate the real power behind the movement. Greed.

This is NOT about political party alliances. Uber-GOP Old Guard Jeb Bush, Tea Party extremist Rick Scott, and Centrist Republican Mitch Daniels loved, absolutely loved, Tony Bennett.

This is NOT about political party alliances. The super-majority Democrats in the bluest of blue states, are backing the same corporatist game plan. The Obama-endorsed Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the Democrat Old Guard Gov. Pat Ryan and all Democratic super-majority state legislators genuflect to Barbara Byrd-Bennett and her anti-union, anti-public-school-student tactics.

The takeover of public schools for profit is theft. Often, it is legalized theft; the purchased legislators simply pass new ALEC written laws. Fortunately for all, the Two Bennetts are dirty from the tops of their propagandizing heads to the soles of their corrupt feet.

Put them both in jail. Their billionaire buddies are too big to jail, but they aren’t.
Jail – today.



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  1. Ken, why stop there? How about Michelle Rhee, John White, Chris Cerf…ad. nauseum.
    Now, THAT would be a real school to prison pipeline–and a well-deserved one (whereas the present pipeline is not).

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