Three Branches of Government? Greed, Cronyism and Propaganda

Q. What are the three branches of government?
A. Greed, Cronyism and Propaganda.

Legislative greed

The corruption that today is called government thrives as it destroys people. Illinois legislators suffer from delusions of adequacy. The greed, cronyism and propaganda have blinded them to the actual human suffering they cause. Legislators are openly breaking their oaths of office to defend the state and federal constitutions by repeatedly attempting to pillage the constitutionally protected teacher and other state employee pensions. (Sociopaths as legislators – a paradox.)

But, at the same time, Speaker of the House Mike Madigan joined with Senate President John Cullerton in a lawsuit attempting to stop Gov. Pat Quinn from withholding their paychecks. They claim that their salaries are protected by the constitution. (Yes, you read that correctly.)

Everyone knows who will win. The lawyers being paid with tax money by these same legislators who claim that Illinois is broke. Joe Nocera in the New York Times explains how this happens to all issues such as this. Read HERE.

IL Broke“The state’s Democratic dysfunction spilled into the courts Tuesday as Illinois’ two top legislative leaders filed a lawsuit challenging Gov. Pat Quinn’s decision to withhold lawmakers’ paychecks.”
– The Chicago Tribune 7/30/13 Read HERE.

“Of course, when it comes to inconsistency, the Trib takes a back seat to no one.
After all, the same editorial page has repeatedly demanded Madigan and Cullerton ignore the Illinois Constitution’s pension protection language and impose devastating pension cuts on current and retired public employees.”
– The IEA/NEA 7/31/13 Read HERE.

Quinn, Madigan and Cullerton are multimillionaires answering to the Civic Committee of the Commercial Club’s billionaires. They react to these pressures by biting and stinging each other. For other legislators, there is pain in their lives. “‘I have a daughter, I’m not married, I don’t have any other income,’ said Sen. Iris Martinez, D-Chicago. ‘It’s not right for the governor to play around with people’s livelihoods, especially those of us who are dedicated public servants. Who is going to pay my mortgage now?'” Read the Tribune article HERE – third paragraph from the bottom of the first page.

“These bastards are making draconian cuts to our pensions and the only thing that ticks them off is missing one stinkin’ paycheck and bitching about how unconstitutional it is….what they want to do to us will last a lifetime!!” said Teacher Pension Advocate Joni Lindgren.

Madigan Cullerton Quinn2

Cullerton, Madigan and Quinn

This is so absurd that it could be funny. Since active and retired teachers are suffering, there is nothing funny about it. Illinois has jailed four recent governors. Let’s go for the Political Trifecta; let’s jail a governor, a speaker of the house, and a senate president – simultaneously. Alert your friends, neighbors and family to the greed, cronyism and propaganda from our elected officials.



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