Detroit, Chicago and then… YOU.

Today’s New York Times has an article about greedy teacher, cop and firefighter pensions that presents “The Plan” for all the world to see. It begins in Detroit with its Republican appointed overseer and proceeds to cite Democratic controlled Chicago as examples.

The NYT front page photo is the standard propaganda message – a pouting, obese, somewhat healthy looking male retiree sits in his golf cart with a beautiful vista behind him. You know, he’s one of those tax leeches who is draining our homeland of its life-blood. He is just your average fat-lazy-entitlement-type socialist pigs. The type guy who deserves to have his retirement income plundered for the good of the nation.

fat cat public employee1

The NYT propaganda has framed the argument – with help from corporate spin-doctors. The comments prove the effectiveness of the propaganda at a level previously seen only in the nightmares of active and retired teachers who have paid into their state systems as well as bargained in good faith for the contracted benefits as part of their total compensation.

The NTY begins the propaganda by repeating the mantra of austerity fanaticism: These “underfunded” pensions are “being watched closely by municipal leaders around the nation, many of whom complain of mounting, unsustainable prices for the health care promised to retired city workers.” Read HERE.

We, of course, know that “underfunded” means that politicians as elected officials have used state funds for pensions to pay for anything except pensions. In the private industry, that would put them all in jail.

Who said what about what? This is a simple Propaganda 101 procedure. What’s even worse, they do a political mash-mosh that allows Obamacare to be the main bad guy. The fact that the Tea Party politicos of Michigan have appointed decision-czars over Detroit and many of its other cities is simply stated as sanity. By the second paragraph super-blue Chicago with its high profile Democratic Mayor Rahm Emanuel becomes the fat-cat-cop highlighted topic.

A retired cop who can afford to golf? Now, how outrageous is that? The next thing you know, teachers will want to waste their tax-paid salaries to purchase organic arugula from Whole Foods. Hmmph!

The “mounting, unsustainable prices for healthcare” are obviously the pure, unadulterated proof that greedy teachers and other public employees must be wiped of the face of the earth. Blood-sucking vermin deserve mass extermination if we as a nation expect to survive the future horrors they personify. Huh?

food or medicine A dose of reality.

As a matter of fact, this entire press release disguised as an article is presented by the PRIVATE National League of Cities, the Mayor’s Education Reform Task Force, and Capstone Corporate Partners (membership to these private organizations begins at $50,000 a year). Read HERE.

Who are the contributing partners who pay for the spread of this propaganda? Microsoft, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, Walmart, Cigna and all the rest of the “usual suspects” who pay for hype and will profit by destroying the public sector. Read HERE.

Of course, sane economists such as Paul Krugman know that this is all hype and no true crisis. Read HERE.

But, in the ongoing War of Image versus Reality, the results alone matter.

The real damage caused to public sanity and our futures is displayed in the hundreds of comments in the online version: shared sacrifice, evil liberals, greedy teachers, vile unions, mine was cut why not yours, socialism, etc. They drank the Kool-Aid. Read HERE.

Yes, the War Against the Middle Class always uses austerity measures (under various euphemistic terminology) and primarily targets public education and its teachers; this is immediately followed by targeting all other public services and public employees. The nonfiction best-seller by Naomi Klein was among the first to point out these tactics which have been used successfully for over thirty years in other countries. See her conference videos HERE. Now, the United States of America is being targeted.

What all of the NYT commentators miss is the fact that all of the crazy Tea Party astro-turf believers, the Obama-as-Savior worshipers, and car-flag-magnet uber-patriots are mere pawns in the War Against the Middle Class. Money buys politicians regardless of so-called party affiliation. The corporatizing, the privatizing, of what used to be our “for the people” governed America is the destructive process. Private/public partnerships? No, merely privatization/profitization with an alias.

Teachers, public service employees, school children, retirees, those needing medical attention, and ALL of US are being victimized as multinational mega-corporations that pay for the “news” articles in corporate owned media reap immense profits. Immense profits and immense tax “benefits.”

Refuse to be willing victims. Speak truth to power. Organize and fight back at local and national levels.

Since ALEC is the legislation writing part of these many propaganda groups, please do what you can in this war. Please call everyone you know and ask them to attend and meet the multimillionaire and billionaire perpetrators of this massive pillage. Where and when?

ALEC’s 40th Birthday Celebration

     The Palmer House Hotel

       in Downtown Chicago

     Thursday, August 8, 2013

It’s about time that we stopped being willing victims. Show up to their party and let them know – THE PARTY IS OVER.



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