But NOT for his own kids…

“Surely Mayor Emanuel and his appointed school board wouldn’t think these polices and practices (and their ground-level reverberations) would be good for their own kids. If not, why insist that they’re good for other people’s children?”
– Gregory Michie in Huffington Post
View his entire excellent article HERE.

Many of Rahm’s appointed school board members are multimillionaires and billionaires. Their decisions for your kids are based on their personal interests and investments which often display conflicts of interest. (They are land developers, real estate and hedge fund investors as well as charter school investors.) Are the greed mongers targeting YOUR town, district, city or state next?

They defend their decisions as the best solutions –




Rahm Emanuel, similar to the public servants of hedge fund managers and billionaire corporate education reformers nationwide, finds that the use of high stakes test scores of dubious validity and absolutely no reliability gets results. He assures that the process works to fail students, close schools and fire highly qualified teachers at will.

He also uses his multimillionaire and billionaire buddies to “fix” the state bond ratings with Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s. Blame everything on the inane premise of greedy teacher pensions, rig the bond rating, let your buddies collect higher interest rates as taxpayers pay more for bond service and ruin public education – all in the insane pursuit of immense wealth for the chosen few – his cronies and campaign fund contributors. (See the Civic Committee of the Commercial Club of Chicago scandal HERE.)

Is there as solution for this? Having an elected school board of people whose children attend the schools the board members rule on IS one step forward. Other school districts insist on this. Why not Chicago?


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