England, America and Shakespeare: Education Reform Absurdity

England is undergoing the same corporate education reform takeover attempts that America is undergoing.
Billionaires are making huge profits with high stakes testing and charters. Experienced and fully credentialed public school teachers are concerned with educating and nurturing children.
Profitable control of education is the corporate goal. Meeting the educational needs of individual children is the goal of public school teachers and public education.

There is, however, one constant requirement of England’s nonsensical demand that is hilarious for its unintended irony and sheer absurdity.

Shakespeare Hamlet 3-3

“There will be a list of words they will be expected to spell correctly. Shakespeare makes a required appearance in the English curriculum at an earlier grade than heretofore and the classics generally are getting pulled out of retirement.” England’s Minister of Education, Michael Gove, is explicit about this specific bit of (corporate) Education Deform.

Marc Tucker, Valerie Strauss, and the Network for Public Education tell the full story. Read one article HERE. And another analysis HERE.

Yes, little children must read the mature and complex works of Shakespearean wit, wisdom and iambic pentameter. Kindergarten will never be more “challenging” or worthless.

Now, about the hilarious part. What is so absurdly funny?

“There are six surviving signatures written by Shakespeare himself. These are all attached to legal documents. The six signatures appear on four documents: The signatures appear as follows:

  • Willm Shakp
  • William Shaksper
  • Wm Shakspe
  • William Shakspere
  • Willm Shakspere
  • William Shakspeare” Detailed info HERE.

Three of these spellings are on the same document, his last will and testament.

However, what is of utmost importance to Education Minister Gove is the spelling, while Shakespeare himself couldn’t spell his own name “correctly” on each page of legal documents.

In Shakespeare’s 1593 play, Romeo and Juliet, its major characters display a full list of warning signs for adolescent suicide centuries before psychologists even developed the concept. (Additional info HERE) The meaning of his brilliant words are central to reading comprehension and critical thinking skills. Michael Grove in England and his like-minded confederates in America’s education reform movement, however, want these profound literary works presented to younger and younger children – children who spell his name correctly.

Shakespeare himself addressed the absurdity of the corporate education reform focus.

“Words without thoughts to heaven never go.” (Un-edited version)
– Hamlet: Act 3, Scene 3


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