What would happen if other tests were standardized?

What would happen if other tests were standardized?

Standardize other tests
Cartoonist Dave Coverly says it all.
See his great speedbump.com site HERE.

Race to the Top and Common Core demand high stakes tests from companies that make tremendous profits for tests that are used for ulterior motives – all based on PROFIT for the corporations, foundations and organizations. With some, the profit is financial and political. (Pearson via the Bush Dynasty is one example. Several states grant their testing contracts to other crony groups.)

These high stakes tests, by definition, are NOT in the interests of children. Proof? Read the cartoon again.


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3 Responses to What would happen if other tests were standardized?

  1. And, of course, Ken, these Pear$on tests are in no way “standardized”–they have, historically, been proven to be too flawed (and THAT’S why the “security”–because, when their tests are seen
    {even by 8th Graders–you know, the infamous “Pineapple” debacle?}, one will uncover questions having more than one correct answer, questions having NO correct answer, nonsensical, incomprehensible reading comprehension {!} passages, etc., ad nauseum). Additionally, the scoring has been/is–juked, incorrectly done or completed by computers ON WRITTEN ESSAYS.
    Please read Todd Farley’s 2009 expose, Making the Grades: My Misadventures in the Standardized Testing Industry. It’s an enjoyable and easy read and, as he recently stated, NOTHING has changed (i.e. improvements) since he wrote the book in 2009. Except for the fact, of course, that Pear$on has stolen even MORE money from our schools (billions, by this time).
    Parents & older students: OPT OUT NOW. And,while you’re at it, sign the Resolution to End High Stakes Testing (you can find it on the Fair Test website).

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