2,085 more educators laid off by Rahm Emanuel’s appointed school board

The billionaires and multimillionaires on the School Board of the Chicago Public Schools have attacked again, today. Mayor Emanuel’s appointed school board members laid off 2,085 more educators. Read the Chicago Teachers Union full press release HERE.

Rahm pays

Excerpt: “Once again, CPS has lied to parents, employees and the public about keeping the new school-based budget cuts away from the classroom,” Lewis said. “On Friday, CPS will reportedly lay off 1,074 teachers, 451 paraprofessionals and 550 other employees, on top of the nearly 850 professionals who lost their positions in June and the 550 probationary appointed teachers (PATs) and 22 Title I teachers who were laid off in May. The loss of these workers will have a direct impact on the quality of instruction offered in our schools under the imposed “longer school day.”

Greed and corruption have no political party affiliation. This is yet another attack in the Shock and Awe manner during the ongoing War Against Public Education.

PS: Active teachers’ pensions with defined benefits are forfeited. Their healthcare will end. There are massive implications for imminent future abuse and neglect of school children. This is a crime against humanity.


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2 Responses to 2,085 more educators laid off by Rahm Emanuel’s appointed school board

  1. Again, this is all being blamed on the “underfunded Chicago Teachers Pension Fund.” And–surprise, surprise!–Moody’s lowered Chicago’s bond rating–due to the “underfunded Chicago Teachers Pension Fund.” This is–no doubt about it–another manufactured crisis, one to deter attention from all the nonsense (the DePaul $55 million debacle, the Inspector General situation, the $98 million UNO scandal and the Metra-Madigan dirty dealings). I predict, however, that the public is well aware of and is sick of the liberties being taken by our “elected” (how about a better word–“bought”) officials. Something’s got to give, and it will. Stay tuned.

    • kenpreviti says:

      Retired teachers and their pensions are being attacked as part of “Shock and Awe.” It’s like “proving your knuckles” in a gang. If you are willing to cripple the defenseless, the helpless and the elderly, you are to be feared for your willingness to do anything when you are told to. The billions of dollars represented by our pension funds are the big prize in the pinata; you just have to keep beating it until it is totally bashed open.

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