Utah: Call to end requirement for children to attend school

Utah state Sen. Aaron Osmond (R) is calling on his state to put an end to the requirement that children go to school.

aaron osmond1

The USA is spending billions of dollars in Iraq and Afghanistan to build new public schools for the children of those countries. Here at home, the War Against Public Education ratchets up another notch.

“Osmond plans to introduce legislation in the upcoming state Senate session to modify compulsory education requirements.” Full article HERE.


Osmond goes on to say, “I believe the time has come for us to re-evaluate what we expect of parents and the public education system.” His basis for doing so is to uphold the “principles of personal freedom and unalienable rights” of parents.

His state blog directly states that Utah “should take a close look at repealing compulsory education.” See HERE for more details.

The War Against Public Education Escalates to New Level.

public schools socialism


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3 Responses to Utah: Call to end requirement for children to attend school

  1. This must have been planted by The Onion. If not, Ken, I honestly think that the people of Utah
    (including–I would hope!–his fellow legislators) will see him as the cuckoo he is! Do, however, send this to the Network for Public Education!

    • kenpreviti says:

      This is no joke or Onion spoof. When you read the links in my blog, you can see the Utah Senate blog site what Osmond (Donny Osmond’s nephew) himself has written. I think I will send it to Network for Public Education although I’m not sure how to do it. It has printed three of my blogs, but someone else must have sent them in.

      • retiredbutmissthekids says:

        Again–just saw this one, too! I knew it wasn’t from The Onion–just being sarcastic.
        This item did (not from your blog,however) get onto NfPE. Someone also mentioned it
        on Diane Ravitch’s Blog (w/a link, I think).

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