Rahm Emanuel and St. Vincent DePaul

St. Vincent DePaul was a Catholic priest who fed, clothed, educated and housed poor children. The religious organizations he created still perform his good works. READ HERE.

St Vincent DePaul


(Disclosure: As a child on the South Side of Chicago on a bitterly cold day, my mother took me on the bus for a winter coat at the St. Vincent DePaul Society clothing distribution center. I was given, yes given, a coat and warmer shoes. My feet and body were enveloped in my own warmth, so I cannot remember what else we received.)

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel closed 50 public schools in poor neighborhoods and has created havoc and danger to these school children that is beyond the imagination of most people to fully comprehend. Public libraries, mental health clinics, park district programs, etc. have also been closed in these same areas creating a landscape of desperation as politically connected land investors and vulture capitalist hedge fund managers hover over the division of spoils.


During the 4th of July weekend alone, these same areas had shootings with over 62 wounded and 11 killed – several were school aged children. The 4th of July weekend. This hell on earth took place as a mere few blocks away tourists walked the night streets safe from even so much as a minor annoyance. READ HERE to give blood for present and future victims.

Rahm claims that the schools must close for lack of tax funding. Over 850 school personnel, including 600 teachers, have been fired to save tax money, crush the teachers union, and plunder their pensions.

Rahm then gave $55,000,000.00 of Chicago tax money targeted for education to build yet another basketball stadium – for a private Catholic university, DePaul University. Private. Religious. $55 million. (The present stadium used by the basketball team is deemed too large for a decent profit to be made.)

DePaul plays baketball

Aside: As a matter of fact, he even gave $5,000,000.00 to a hot dog company as a tax “incentive” to stay in Chicago. The company promised to keep 250 employees. A private and highly profitable hot dog company – $5 million.  READ HERE.

Rahm hot dog Hot dog2

Now, we realize that Rahm is no saint, but this is an inhumane act of treachery against the children, parents, teachers, and public schools of Chicago. Especially the children.

We all know what St. Vincent DePaul would have spent the money for. Poor children. That is why we honor him and his memory today, regardless of our religious faith or absence of it. A man of virtue helps children, especially the most vulnerable children.

Why would a religious university named after and run by clerics established by St. Vincent DePaul take this money for a new basketball stadium, yet another underutilized edifice, that will be empty for 357 days a year? Blood money.


Perhaps theologians can better address what thirty pieces of silver have to do with an agreement like this. For now one sportswriter and YOU can contact DePaul University President Father Dennis Holtschneider. READ HERE.

Rahm Emanuel has gone way too far.

There is a point where greed, politics and the inhumane treatment of children should not be tolerated. This is it.

Tax breaks Illinois



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