“How much is 2+2?”

Deep within the bowels of a certain state Capital building, a certain long-long term Speaker of the House was interviewing a few candidates for the collection and gathering of financial data regarding the attack on teacher pensions. Let’s call him Mighty Mickey Madagain.

sleazy pols

The first candidate for this financially lucrative position was the comptroller for a large energy corporation. As the candidate entered the room, Speaker Madagain barked, “How much is 2+2?”

The startled candidate automatically answered, “Four.”

“You can leave, now,” calmly stated Rep. Madagain. Out walked the first candidate.

The second candidate was a Chief Financial Officer of a prestigious accounting firm. As he entered the room with his hand open for a greeting handshake, he was shocked to hear Rep. Madagain yell, “How much is 2+2?”

“It’s four, and what kind of silly question is that?” the candidate responded.

“You can leave, now,” calmly stated Rep. Madagain. The candidate angrily turned on his heels and stomped out of the room.

The third candidate, an actuary from a small home insurance company located in a suburban strip mall that went out of business two years ago, entered the room. “HOW MUCH IS 2+2?” bellowed Rep. Madagain in his characteristic oily and arrogant bellow-manner.

“What the hell? What kind of…,” the little man sputtered. He quickly ran to the open door behind him, slammed it closed, pulled up his belt buckle and sauntered over the Speaker’s desk. As he leaned over the desk and looked Madagain squarely in the eye, he whispered, “How much do you want it to be?”

He got the job.

The attack on teacher pensions continues.

(Postscript: As most active and retired teachers in that state realize, the amounts of pension debt, according to the Illinois Democratic Speaker’s office, vary by a few billion dollars here and a few billion dollars there. Now, we all know why.)


(Postscript to the postscript: This particular scene is being re-enacted in state after state. The profitable attack on teachers is bipartisan. Greed and corruption are always bipartisan.)


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4 Responses to “How much is 2+2?”

  1. Glen Brown says:

    If the candidates are women, they played with the Barbie doll that said: “Math class is tough.”

    • kenpreviti says:

      The great God Of Coincidence strikes again! Your poem today is perfect. Did you know the gimmick Elaine Nekritz used and uses foe popularity? She does cartwheels during the Northbrook annual 4th of July parade. No joke.
      A Barbie activity if ever there was one. When performing cartwheels in public helps a woman get elected, the end of a democratic republic is near or over.
      She doesn’t do math well, but she’s very good at remedial graft.

  2. retiredbutmissthekids says:

    And, perhaps, at doing cartwheels. (Little kids do that, too–“It’s all about ME! Look at ME!”
    I might also mention her comments at the July 3rd meeting of the Committee of 10, after Ralph Martire spoke. Much of it was “I” think, and “I” am not satisfied.
    Before, she’d stated that the actuarial analysis of the pension situation had to be satisfied. Ralph Martire’s presentation–succinct and well-researched as always–came up with an 80%. “‘I’ want 100%!!!” Oh, and she’d stated that SHE wants to know/see what the “fiduciaries” say. What?!
    Perhaps she resents Maria Pappas’ adeptness at baton twirling.
    Many of us can do cartwheels.

    • kenpreviti says:

      Asking what the “fiduciaries” have to say or show is like a slur or defamatory laugh line in an old ethnic or racial joke. Unfortunately, she is no joke.

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