“THE SKY IS FALLING!!!” – “Shh… No, Governor, it’s not,” said The Committee of Ten.

When a bunch of politicos attempt to publicly steal several billion dollars from elderly teachers, an attempt is generally made to give a valid reason for the the sake of posing heroically for future campaign photos.

“THE SKY IS FALLING” isn’t a sufficient reason, unless the sky is actually falling. Which the sky is not – not falling, that is.

 chicken little1

The Illinois Committee of Ten‘s sole purpose is to steal even more than the previously misappropriated theft (underfunding) legislators inflicted upon pension fund obligations to pay for anything their little politico hearts desired, except pension funds of course. Illinois is famous for this stuff, that is why so many politicos become obscenely wealthy while several have also served prison terms.

Illinois Is Broke – Not!
The pension funds are bankrupting Illinois – NOT!
The pensions of little old lady teachers and grizzled, grumpy, old fart male teachers are crushing the state and raining havoc on all the good working people and their adorable children – NOT!

But, the media has been loudly echoing “The pension sky is falling!” But it’s not.

chicken little2

Now, how embarrassing is this? “Illinois’ unfunded pension liability has slowed dramatically, according to new data… During the course of a full year, that amounts to a reduced liability of $4.32 billion. That’s some serious swag, folks. ” Read the full article from the Illinois Observer HERE.

“This will really make the heads at the Chicago Tribune editorial board at the Illinois Policy Institute explode… Despite the good news, Gov. Quinn refused in his statement to recognize the improvement with any positive comment.”

As “Politicos Through the Looking Glass” have a tendency to do, the governor and other politicos appointed a Soviet Chinese style hatchet group, The Committee of Ten, to justify stealing the retirement money of old teachers.

Just to show how serious this Falling Sky Pension Bankrupting the State and Squeezy the Python that Strangles Everyone from Billionaires and Corporations that are Given Tax Incentives and Breaks and even Regular Little People, the Governor set a DEADLINE. An all caps and bold font deadline that everyone could see through the falling sky even if they lived far away. This is the most serious kind of deadline in the whole world.

The Committee of Ten announced that they just couldn’t make it. Tsk, tsk…

chicken little4

Well, even they could see that the sky is not falling. The Committee of Ten rightfully felt that starving and hurting old people might make them look bad for the next election, and they all have their favorite candidates to support – especially themselves and their cronies.

So they all went home. (Read HERE.)

The destructive political lunacy continues.

The fight to save active and retired teacher pensions also continues – with the help of the Illinois Constitution and the U.S. Constitution. See HERE.


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