The Committee of Ten and the 4th of July: Making a Mockery of Democracy

On June 27 I received a bunch of mail with 4th of July ads. Mattresses, groceries, hardware store stuff, the whole works. Independence Day 2013.

4th of July ad1

Big deal.

In Illinois The Committee of Ten was appointed and met on June 27. Yes, appointed. Why? To decide how to break the Illinois Constitution and the U.S. Constitution in order to open the gates to plunder teacher pensions, demean teachers and dismantle public education.

This is also going on in Florida, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Oregon, Washington – basically nationwide. The states all claim the same crisis with different causes but one solution, plunder. Why? No person in his or her right mind would want to become a public school teacher where even their own government is scapegoating teachers, firing them in batches based on trumped-up charges from bogus test results, and even stealing the contracted pensions elderly retirees need to live on. The dismantling of public education needs to destroy the basis for choosing teaching as a career dedicated to serving the needs of children, all children. A lifelong career of dedication and growth.

In Illinois The Committee of Ten is there to take the flack prior to making the preordained conclusion that teacher pensions are bankrupting the entire state. The committee will dissolve, and its conclusions will cripple people. Of course it’s being run by the corporate hit-man for the private club of billionaires, the Civic Committee of the Commercial Club of Chicago. (Read here.)

“Teacher pensions are bankrupting the state.” Say that aloud several times and you will realize how crazy that is. You know what kinds of salaries teachers make and made. Illinois legislators all freely admit that they used pension fund money for everything except pensions – year after year after year. As a matter of fact, Illinois’ bonds are in high demand in spite of the Illinois Is Broke propaganda. (Read propaganda here.)
Then-  (Read here.)

The solution to those greedy old people’s demands for just treatment today? Well, retired teachers have already paid 9.4% of their gross income annually for their entire careers and were not allowed to pay into Social Security or Medicare, so the preordained solution is to blame the victims. Penalize them for being victimized; cut their pensions. (Read 12 pragmatic reasons to reject pension reform here.)

The Committee of Ten and the heavy-fisted politicos who appointed them expect the victims to engage in “shared sacrifice” which no one who caused it is willing to share. Steal from those who were stolen from as a form of justice?

4th of July ad2 Notice the irony of the end date of the sale, July 2.

Now, about the 4th of July…

Elected officials in Illinois are all sworn into office with the same oath to support the Constitution of the State of Illinois and the Constitution of the United States of America which each protect contract rights and civil rights. The Committee of Ten is there to break that oath, even though the people who appointed them, and they themselves, all swore that oath. They are there to help dismantle public education and hurt the elderly.

Our Pledge of Allegiance states “with liberty and justice for all.” This debasement of what America stands for is nauseating and disgusting. The Committee of Ten makes it a mockery.

Do you have any idea how these 4th of July ads look to retired teachers? Mattress sales and barbeque sauce.



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2 Responses to The Committee of Ten and the 4th of July: Making a Mockery of Democracy

  1. Patricia Herrmann says:

    They take away from everyone, the 99%. Then they distract by scapegoating public workers. A kind of witch hunting.

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