Vulture Capitalism in Education with ALEC

Joni Lindgren, Guest Blogger

It is surprising that people are still unaware of the secretive dark-money organization that is behind the climate change denial movement, the assault on women’s rights and LBGT rights, “right to work” legislation, slashing Obama care, “stand your ground” laws, passing voter ID laws that limit some people from voting, de-funding public education, privatizing attempts of prisons, schools, airports, water supply, Social Security, Medicare, post offices, and deregulating major industries, like the banking industry which allowed them to trade on Wall Street and lead to the recent economic crash. Who is this group that thinks taxpayers should be paying for their lobbyists and who has written legislation to limit any liability for harm caused to consumers by their caustic laws?

ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) is a corporate lobbyist group masquerading as a public charity. Through ALEC, corporations are scheming to rewrite your rights and boost their profits at the public’s expense. ALEC is a network of state politicians and corporations concerned with increasing corporate profits without public scrutiny. Thus, business behind closed doors!

ALEC is doing its darndest to undermine clean energy standards. Of the 21 out of 29 states that have clean energy bills, ALEC is pushing to repeal those bills, thanks to the Koch brothers who generously fund ALEC.

In education, ALEC’s corrupting influence on public education has had undue influence in privatizing many schools with Charter Schools and Virtual Schools, such as K-12. K-12 recently tried to spread their vulture capitalism in 18 school districts outside Chicago . For now, there is a one year moratorium on their efforts due to the push-back of teachers, NIJWJ, concerned parents who spoke up at school board meetings and from the pleas of John Laesch to Representative Linda Chapa LaVia of Aurora to call for the one year moratorium.

Many Charter Schools and Virtual Schools take taxpayer money and run the schools like a business as the CEO’s make millions! The CEO of K-12 pockets $5 million a year! If there is a profit to be made, the vulture capitalists have figured out a way to publicly fund their efforts and schemes!


Dennis Van Roekel, who now represents 3 million educators as president of the National Education Association, said, “if just one percent of K-12 education spending were diverted to private profits, it would mean $5 Billion a year in someone’s pocket.” Is it any surprise that there are so many Charter Schools and Virtual Schools popping up all over the country when the research has not shown any greater student achievement scores for children in Charter Schools over students in public education?

via Dennis Van Roekel on exposing ALEC’s agenda | Education Votes.

Most policies written are in favor of corporations, not ‘we the people”. We are controlled by corporations, not a federal government.

“Of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations are cannibalizing our economy and defining our futures”!

Bill Moyers has also spoken about this corporate organization on his Sunday shows on WTTW, Channel 11. (See PBS stations near you.) You can also Google Bill Moyers/ALEC to hear some of those programs.

Joni Lindgren, Guest Blogger



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6 Responses to Vulture Capitalism in Education with ALEC

  1. Patricia Herrmann says:

    In Illinois several bills which follow ALEC’s wish list to privatize public schools and turn them into Charter Schools were introduced this year by Republican legislators who don’t even have Charter Schools in their districts. Darlene Senger R Naperville introduced a Parent Trigger Bill. Michael Connelly introduced 2 bills to provide vouchers, tax dollars for private schooling. And Jeanne Ives signed onto a Charter School Funding bill to insure tax dollars for Charter Schools will equal per pupil tax dollars from the local districts even though sometimes the Charter Schools can push out low performers or find other ways to restrict students more costly to educate. ALEC dream bills. ALEC hard at work in Illinois.

  2. Patricia Herrmann says:

    Great post Ken and Joni, Most of the gutting of education starts with ALEC. Pat

  3. retiredbutmissthekids says:

    Great–but, unfortunately, this is preaching to the choir. Doesn’t it just make your blood boil to see the crowds in the street for the Blackhawks and, yet, we can’t get that same (or more) number of people to come out for something as important as saving our schools?
    Same thing with our pensions–I just received an e-mail from an active teacher (who is single and who has voiced extreme worry RE: her pension) who asked me to stop sending her e-mails so as to “simplify my life.”

    WHAT is WRONG with people?!

    • kenpreviti says:

      She is suffering from Shock & Awe. Hopefully, soon she will see her need to face reality, organize and fight back.
      Send her a few words of support in a few days.
      Professional sports are the combined national religion in the USA. Don’t even think about their allegiance to any form of reality regarding SPORTS.

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