What do education advocates do on their day off?

What do education advocates do on their day off?


The task given Sisyphus by the ancient Greek gods of eternally pushing a massive rock up a hill to have it roll down again and again is precisely what we do. It is what we are supposed to do as true education reformers. It is a pure and good task and is not what it appears to be to most outsiders.

(Please note that we are not talking about corporate education reformers who, in spite of what their highly paid proselytizers claim, are experimenting with and abusing our children for their own personal profit.)

Teachers and other educators have never had the same job or task for more than a day.

The needs of children change from child to child and class to class. What is done to meet those needs continually shifts as society and life advance and decline. Whenever a decline occurs within a student or a class, the teachers/educators evaluate the situation and learn what needs to be done for the good of the child. Meeting the need and advancing is what teaching is all about.
Then the next class and the next child arrives. The new day brings more knowledge for teachers, educators and students to take advantage of and utilize to the fullest.

In regard to doing this for the sake of education at local and national levels, education advocates have an even larger rock to shoulder. Fortunately, we have many teacher/educators and many shoulders. We also have, of necessity, a sense of humor.

On a much broader scale, The Myth of Sisyphus by Albert Camus, philosopher extraordinaire, explains the truly noble philosophy that makes Sisyphus and us stronger and better human beings. Read more HERE.

Albert Camus and Glenn Brown, a blogger extraordinaire, appreciate the absurdity of the cartoon and the truth behind it.


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