Penny Pritzker: Destroys Public Education?

Penny Pritzker as Secretary of Commerce?

With all the charges against her for tax evasion and the abuses heaped upon women and children by her companies and herself, why is President Obama nominating Pritzker for a Cabinet position? (Watch HERE)

Penny Pritzker1

  • The billionaire heiress of the Hyatt fortunes. The recently resigned member of the Chicago Board of Education who approved the closing of 50 public schools for lack of tax funds while approving the payment of those same tax funds to charters she invests in – on land and real estate she invests in for gentrification, industrial use, and railroad yards. (HERE)
  • The charter school owner who defunded public school libraries, PE programs, art and music departments while firing school nurses and counselors while funding the Pritzker Academy for offerings of Rugby, cheerleading and Ultimate Frisbee with tax funds. (HERE)
  • The destroyer of Superior Bank which caused 1,400 depositors to lose their savings and thousands more to lose their homes. (HERE)
  • The main reason that thousand of her Hyatt housekeepers, mostly women, are refused a living wage (“a poverty trap”) as she profits doubly – from them and by keeping her profits in other tax haven countries rather than paying U.S. taxes. (HERE)
  • The hedge fund manager who invests in charter schools with newly created special federal funding which guarantees free start-up loans and a guaranteed doubling of investment within five years due to even newer tax incentive payments. The destroyer of union teaching jobs (mostly women’s careers) which required professional teacher certification, decent wages and basic healthcare benefits. (Watch HERE)

Pritzker Duncan A

  • More reasons that Pritzker is the last person in the world to be Secretary of Commerce?
    (HERE) and (HERE) and (HERE) and (HERE)
  • The bottom line of why President Obama feels compelled to appoint Pritzker is the hundreds of millions of dollars she has raised for his elections. But where has all that money come from? There lies the shame. (HERE)

President Obama and members of Congress, please don’t do even further economic damage by placing this dynastic plutocrat in a position where she can further the plunder of our country.


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