Oath of Office OR Looney Tunes?

What Oath of Office must be made by every state legislator?

“I do solemnly swear (affirm) that I will support the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution of the State of Illinois, and that I will faithfully discharge the duties of the office of …. to the best of my ability.”
(Source: Illinois Constitution.)

That’s it. Nice. Simple. Direct.

What’s not to know? “… will support the Constitution.”

Well, a bunch of Democratic and Republican politicos couldn’t do it. Who? See HERE. (Thanks to Glen Brown.)

Foghorn Leghorn

A bunch of elected office holders being paid to do what they took an oath to do went even further than that. They spoke and put in writing in their newsletters that they knew that Senate Bill Number One (SB1) was unconstitutional. Many openly and vociferously promised active and retired teachers and other public employees that they would vote against SB1 as well as HB1154 and HB1166 which denied retirees their constitutionally protected pension. Yes, constitutionally protected. Yes, contractually protected.

Then these mere politicos broke their oaths and their words of honor. Thousands of retirees would suffer, lose any hope of healthcare, be scapegoated after being victimized, lose their homes, and more.


Then things became even stranger. Even though the bills failed, these legislators who voted for it took offense at being called out about it. After thieving and lying, they took offense at being referred to as thieves and liars. Really! Would a nose take offense at being called a nose? Or a rose being called a rose? You wouldn’t think so, but…

And now for the absurd. Remember the Looney Tunes character named Foghorn Leghorn? He was modeled after a 1930s radio comic character named Senator Beauregard Claghorn. He was the pompous, corrupt, cheating legislative caricature who was the butt of his own jokes. “Do you dare, sir, to impuginate the deleterious honor of my sacred office and infamous name?” He bellowed, he sputtered, and he stomped. The audience laughed bitterly realizing what this fool of a man did to his fellow men as he waved the flag and took the money – the ill gotten funds.

Sen. Ron Sandack and a few others recently did this, too – via email and interviews. They took offense to the truth. Stealing by a thief? No. Just making a “judgment call.” Lying because they did the opposite of their promises and oaths? “Please remove me, you old-little-person, from your vile and nasty email list since you have descended to name-calling.” They DO make senators the way they used to, unfortunately. Or as Foghorn Leghorn would say…

Foghorn Leghorn2

Judgment call? A doomsday judgment for the retired, mostly elderly women, teachers in Illinois. This is the point where it stops being even remotely funny.

As a matter of fact, here is the list of thieves and liars. If they are offended, it is only because they are offensive.

Pamela Althoff, Dan Biss, William Brady, Michael Connelly, John Cullerton, Kirk Dillard, Don Harmon, Darin LaHood, Steven Landek, Matt Murphy, Jim Oberweis, Christine Radogno, Sue Rezin, Steve Stadelman, Heather Steans, Dave Syverson, Edward Acevedo, Luis Arroyo, Patricia Bellock, Maria Antonia Berrios, John Bradley, Daniel Burke, Kelly Burke, Katherine Cloonen, Deborah Conroy, Fred Crespo, Tom Cross, Barbara Flynn Currie, John D’Amico, Monique Davis, William Davis, Tom Demmer, Jim Durkin, Keith Farnham, Sara Feigenholtz, Jack Franks, Robyn Gabel, Jehan Gordon-Booth, Brad Halbrook, David Harris, Greg Harris, Kay Hatcher, Elizabeth Hernandez, Frances Hurley, Jeanne Ives, Charles Jefferson, Thaddeus Jones, Dwight Kay, Stephanie Kifowit, Renee Kosel, David Leitch, Michael Madigan, Natalie Manley, Robert Martwick, Emily McAsey, David McSweeney, Deborah Mell, Christian Mitchell, Thomas Morrison, Martin Moylan, Michelle Mussman, Elaine Nekritz, JoAnn Osmond, Pam Roth, Jim Sacia, Ron Sandack, Timothy Schmitz, Darlene Senger, Carol Sente, Joe Sosnowski, Cynthia Soto, Ed Sullivan, Silvana Tabares, Jil Tracy, Barbara Wheeler, Kathleen Willis, Sam Yingling, and Michael Zalewski

Please don’t take offense. Rather, honor your oath of office. Illinois has a revenue problem and even
Eric M. Madiar, Chief Legal Counsel to Illinois Senate President John Cullerton and Parliamentarian of the Illinois Senate has outlined what needs to be done to correct the revenue crisis while honoring retiree pension rights.

There is more reasoning for obeying your oath and respecting retiree rights – HERE.

There is a point where you must oppose this!

1 Madigan


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One Response to Oath of Office OR Looney Tunes?

  1. Donald DeBock says:

    the people in Springfield caused the problem by not making their payments, borrowing from the system, letting their friends in the system even if they did not teach. Now they need to fix it by cutting their perks, pork, pet projects and programs our money went to.

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