Name That Legislature to Win a Grand Prize

Below is a direct quotation.
Name the legislature being referred to for a Grand Prize!

“Whatever direction you look, you only see private interest, corruption, bribery. It’s really depressing. Most of the opera companies are struggling, severely struggling, and in the short term I do not foresee a positive future for any of them – or for music and art in general. The political class built there in this decade, the first thing that all of these gentlemen cut, when it’s time to cut, are not their privileges – which are many – but culture. Culture is the first cut of the knife, because in their minds, of course, culture is something totally useless.”
– F. Furlanetto in the May 2013 issue of Opera News

Ferruccio Furlanetto, operatic primo basso, in Massenet’s Don Quichotte

The quotation refers to:
A) Illinois
B) New York
C) Florida
D) America
E) Italy

HINT: All of the Above perfectly fits the quotation, but Furlanetto was being interviewed about one place in particular.

And the correct answer is! (The sealed envelope is opened.)


*If you answered this correctly, you win a free subscription to this blog delivered directly to your email by simply filling in the “Follow Blog via Email” at the top of the right hand column. Each and every correct answer will receive this same valuable prize.

PS: Yes, there is great irony in having Furlanetto pictured as Don Quichotte. Yes, it is intended. Yes, our own quest to conquer the private interests, corruption, and bribery in our local and national government is a matter of grave consequence for us all.


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