The Scope of Wealth and Power: in Chicago and coming soon to a city near you

Who, besides Rahm Emanuel, started the madness and destruction of public schools in Chicago?



Who is pulling his strings?

Pritzker asleep

Penny Pritzker, billionaire heiress to the Hyatt fortunes, was appointed by Rahm Emanuel to the Board of Education for the Chicago Public Schools. Appointed, not elected. She strongly supported and voted for school closings even as she proudly invested in the charter schools which benefit by the tax money taken from public schools and granted to the charter. She even has a charter school named after herself. There are, of course, other public tax incentives that provide additional profit for charters.

Penny has since stepped down as a School Board member ever since her scandalous demands regarding her property taxes which were, of course, lowered to her demand level. Abuse of the hotels’ housekeepers, nearly all women, by paying them less than a living wage and having horrendous working demands is also an ongoing issue.
She recently and legally cleared her slate temporarily as she expects to be appointed U.S. Secretary of Commerce by President Obama whose campaigns she has financed ever since before his days in Congress.

Here is a major downtown introduction to Chicago via Millenium Park – The Pritzker Pavillion. Plutocrats are like that.

pritzker pav4  Bow and/or kneel as you enter.



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