Pension Money Casinos: Just Say NO!

Your legislators are giving away your pensions to casino owners.

Gambling Casino gets pension money

No, your legislators did not lose the money gambling. The casino owners who contributed to the campaign funds of legislators are being handed the money that was supposed to go into the pension funds of teachers and other public employees.

“Until Illinois taxpayers wake up and realize that they are subsidizing gambling interests at the expense of teachers, firefighters and police officers, then public employees in the state of Illinois will continue to see reductions in their salaries, pensions and earned benefits,” John Kindt said. “The net result is that everyone suffers when Big Gambling is involved.”

Who says so? Where is the proof? It’s right HERE.

Gambling widow

Who knew about this? How long has this been going on?
“But nowhere in this so-called historical record is there any mention of the tens of billions of dollars legally given away to Big Gambling’s political insiders during Rep. Madigan’s decades-long tenure as Speaker.” Read the full article  HERE.

SB1 and SB2404?
Tell union leaders and legislators to “Just Say No!”

So why would anybody in his or her right mind sign away constitutional pension rights to legislators with this history? SB1 is Madigan’s brainchild.  SB2404 is the brainchild of the other legislators who have gone along with these nearly unbelievable deals. This is legalized corruption with all of the intentionally caused grief that accompanies betrayal of the common good.

Article excerpt: “When the Nevada-based owner of one Illinois casino ran into trouble in 2001, they sold the casino to another gambling company for $465 million. But it should be noted that the initial Illinois license fee they paid was just $25,000. That’s a pretty good return on the initial investment.”

The casino owners wouldn’t go along with deals like SB1 and SB2404.
Tell union leaders and legislators to “Just Say No!”

Gambling pensions


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