The Kabuki Theater of the Absurd presents “The House of Representatives versus The Senate

The Kabuki Theater of the Absurd presents yet another performance of “The House of Representatives versus The Senate.”

The subtitle is “How Much in Billions of Dollars?”


Background: Having stolen and pillaged public employee pension funds for years, the Illinois legislature has blamed the victims and will punish the victims of this massive theft by stealing even more while singling out the oldest and neediest to choose between healthcare or paying for food and shelter. Since the vast majority of the Illinois teacher retirees are elderly women, often widows, now the amount of blood-money must be decided. This pillaging is referred to by legislators as “saving tax funds for education.”


Rep. Nekritz and her cronies talk about tax savings of $190,000,000,000.00 to a mere $150,000,000,000.00 for the length of the plan. Let’s make things easier to say – $190 billion to a mere $150 billion.

SB1 promises to steal – oops – save the taxpayer between $46 billion to a mere $44 billion in its first year – make that – a year or so.

Of course discussed amounts also varied from $29 billion to $27 billion to $30 billion.

SB2404 has had to stop promising to steal/save $10 billion which would have been a big deal to the Cullerton senatorial cronies. Instead, even Sen. Cullerton is now promising an instant savings of a mere $5 billion.

Most observant people notice differences between $190 billion and $5 billion. The financially abused elderly widows certainly wonder about it.

Watch this short VIDEO by Rep. Nekritz and watch this short VIDEO by Sen. Cullerton.

Weird, huh?

OK. But where did they find this wealth of conflicting financial insight? Where did the numbers come from?

head up buttNow, that explains it!

Didn’t we really know this before? Of course we did, but we didn’t want to say anything this vulgar in the company of elderly widows and others.

How much will we/they suffer? And we WILL suffer with SB1 or SB2404.
Glen Brown tells us HERE. John Dillon tells us HERE. Fred Klonsky tells us HERE.

Tell IEA and all legislators that the choice is NOT between these two evils.

Refuse BOTH SB1 and SB2404. Let it go to court since we have nothing to lose.

Remember: “The best deceptions are the ones that seem to give the other person a choice.” Read HERE.

Footnote info: This bantering of figures is even more interesting if you are originally from North Korea, Jordan, Yemen, Pakistan, Lithuania, Uruguay, New Zealand, Panama, or Monaco. These number are of national pride to those of us who share their heritage in our ancestry.
The (approximate) total Gross Domestic Product, GDP for each nation in 2012 was:
Pakistan: $190 billion
New Zealand: $150 billion
Uruguay: $46 billion
Lithuania: $44 billion
Yemen: $30 billion
Panama: $29 billion
Jordan: $27 billion
North Korea: $10 billion
Monaco: $5 billion

SB1 and SB2404 changes are immense. Refuse them both.

We can make faces, too!

Kabuki2  “NO! STOP! REFUSE SB1 & SB2404.”


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One Response to The Kabuki Theater of the Absurd presents “The House of Representatives versus The Senate

  1. retiredbutmissthekids says:

    Ken, this is so cleverly explained! I just love it when our elected (to work for US!) representatives attempt (and I DO mean attempt) to explain numbers with regard to budget and billions. Again, I say, proof of the adage, “If you can’t baffle ’em with your brilliance (and you, dear reps, cannot), dazzle ’em with your b.s.” Fairy tales are fun, aren’t they?

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