John “002” Cullerton: Part-Time President of the Senate

John “002” Cullerton is the Part-Time President of the Illinois Senate at $67,836.
What does he do as his full-time job?

Cullerton quiz

“Cullerton serves part-time as an Illinois state senator. Fagel Haber merged with Thompson Cobern LLP in 2007, and Cullerton continues as a partner practicing in the areas of government relations, zoning, licensing, real estate tax assessment, and nonprofit law. Cullerton is a lobbyist registered with the City of Chicago, and has in the past registered as a lobbyist withCook County, Illinois. Cullerton’s clients include real estate developers, restaurants, and the National Safety Council.. Cullerton co-owns a bar in Chicago, Tavern on Rush, with Illinois State Senator James DeLeo (D-Chicago) and others.”
Source and full info HERE.

Now, what could possibly go wrong with that?

It’s legal. As a top lawmaker who wrote what is legal and not legal since 1979, he should know.

Well, SB2404 which diminishes and impairs public pensions is his bill. And since he has the biggest gavel in Illinois, he will make law what he makes law – including Amendment 002.

He likes to show people his big gavel.

CT SenateInaug05.JPG

He also likes to have retirees renounce their constitutional rights.

“The vested and enforceable contractual right to a program of health benefits is NOT offered as, and shall NOT be considered, a pension or retirement benefit under Article XIII, Section 5 of the Illinois Constitution, the Illinois Pension Code, or any subsequent or successor enactment providing pension benefits…”

Let’s tell him what he can do with that gavel. Along with the Illinois Retired Teachers Association, reject SB2404. If it passes, sue.
Refuse to be a willing victim.



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One Response to John “002” Cullerton: Part-Time President of the Senate

  1. Glen Brown says:

    It’s a lesson in semantics, Ken:

    Though there are thousands of retirees across the state who will sink deeply into abject poverty without their compounded COLA, partially-paid-for health care or both, Cullerton and the Coalition of Unions are offering a choice for us to keep our compounded COLA, which is constitutionally guaranteed, or diminish this benefit voluntarily for “access” to a state health care program (that is under payment revision) and one that we will most likely have to fully subsidize before long.

    What should help alleviate our anxiety about this Machiavellian/Orwellian choice is the IEA “would fight to protect the health insurance benefits of [its] members.” Now, don’t we feel much better?

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