“Well, we didn’t quite get everything with the initial surgery. From what I saw, more radical surgery is necessary. As soon as possible. I’m sure you want to survive and live a long life.”

surgery 1

The concerned look and sincere tone coming from the surgeon belied the greedy glint in the eye of his mind. After all, this is what he is paid for, and he is paid very, very well. He knew that his personal observations would add great credibility to the procedure. Some of the survivors of past surgeries had even thanked him; the non-survivors never complained. He could barely suppress a giggle.

Of course, he could also show test result evidence for the necessity of radical surgery. The state debt had not decreased an iota. The long term predictions of financial stability and state payments into the retirement systems had not gone strictly as promised. Dr. Madigan actually giggled aloud about the tests he had ordered as he congratulated himself regarding his true areas of expertise.

The only thing that bothered him was knowing that his surgical assistants and nurses would also get something out of the surgeries. Illinois’ Dr. Madigan felt that he should have it all. Assistant surgeons Cullerton and Nekritz would get theirs. Nurses Klickna and Weingarten would also benefit by all this. Although this bothered him, it merely stimulated him to order more surgeries for more fees.

How can people convince themselves that SB1 and SB2404 are necessary at all?

How could they believe that it would be their final cut?

What is there not to understand about the corporate backed legislative attacks on public pensions? There is a well financed pillage of public employees and their pensions nationwide.

Public pension cuts Illinois HERE

Public pension cuts Florida HERE

Public pension cuts New Jersey HERE

Public pension cuts Colorado HERE

Better yet, google “public pension cuts” followed by any state.

If we don’t crack the scam in Illinois, we will simply be among the willing victims.

Fight. Don’t support SB1 or SB2404. Join those who sue if either is passed.

Madigan Nekritz



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