Greece invokes emergency powers to block teachers’ strike

Greece invokes emergency powers to block teachers’ strike

Greek Teachers

Illinois’s retired teachers are having their pensions pillaged. New York, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, Florida and many other states are harming public school teachers in every possible way.


It’s a corporate War Against the Middle Class on a worldwide basis. It always begins with attacks on public education and teachers. Corporate interests make minions of legislators. Read about Greece HERE. Google “Mexico teacher strike.” Put in other names of countries and Google again and again.

IL capitol floor Illinois legislature slashes teacher pensions – forcing some retirees to choose between healthcare or continued COLA pension checks.

The Shock Doctrine is happening in our backyards – wherever we live. Now.



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One Response to Greece invokes emergency powers to block teachers’ strike

  1. Patricia Herrmann says:

    A privatization of public schools turns students into profit centers for Wall Street traded corporations. (1) Create a crisis or at least tell everyone there is a crisis in the public school. (2) Standardize goals to standardize curricula. Give it a nice name like Common Core. (3). Give students standardized tests. Often. Structure the tests so more students fail. (4) Punish and scare teachers. Fire the veteran teachers because they can’t be outsourced to other countries. (5) Close, transform, turnaround the local schools to for profit Charter Schools. Deregulate for the Charter Schools so they are unaccountable. (6) Get rid of, push out, expell for small offenses, blame low performing students so only high achieving are left in the Charter Schools.

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