SB-12404 & 3/4

The passage of Illinois SB-2404 seems somewhat doubtful. The appeasing union chorus is too loud, the fears of future teacher maiming too small, and the public posturing too meek.


In Florida public pensions have been whacked by the Tea Party Sociopath Gov. Rick Scott with the full blessing of the uber-corrupt Republican legislature. Present pensions are crippled and awaiting atrophy, and any possibility of a future pension for active teachers is dead.
Present teachers have no tenure laws to protect them from being fired at a moment’s notice for anything – even a photograph of posing in a bathing suit. Active teachers have no intentions of risking so much as an hour’s salary in defense of the corporate media described golf-course living retirees who eat fresh salmon and arugula at the health-club. What do those ancient relics know about the problems teachers face daily?

What does this have to do with Illinois?

Any form of discussion toward actually solving the state’s revenue problem is not to be considered or even uttered aloud in public – or uttered by the media – unless it is on AM radio after midnight or on Sunday morning.

Since the nasty, greedy and powerful unified public employee unions have approved and are pushing their membership to publicly bless SB-2404, how will this appear to those who have been fed Illinois Is Broke, Reboot Illinois, public television news interviews, and Tribune editorials?
Will they believe those Democratic liberal and fiscal conservative Republican legislators are still beholden to union approval?
Have union workers sacrificed enough for the common good? With liberty and justice for all?

There will be no reason to wait two to four more years for yet another diminution of pensions and constitutional rights. SB-1 and SB-2404 may beget a monstrosity that will prove positively that active and retired teachers must be put in their place and sacrifice to a more extreme extent. SB-12404 & 3/4? The Illinois Supreme Court will not be required to ponder anything that comes from this legislative Rosemary’s Baby. IEA and We Are One Illinois have already put into writing that most legislative words and parts are perfectly constitutional. End of opposition – dead in the water.
Rah-rah cheerleaders of the union status quo need not overly exert themselves in defending the indefensible. There is no need to dance on the almost-graves of soon enough to be dead retirees.

These are yet other reasons why there seems to be no valid purpose in accepting or approving SB-2404 as some form of compromise or buffer of even worse evils yet to come.
Madigan, Cullerton, Quinn, Cross and all the others minions of the vast wealth of the Civic Committee and the national organizations attacking teacher unions insist on having their way with us. Worse evils at a future date?

The evil is here. Now.


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