May 2013: Illinois Pension Attackers and Defenders

Illinois pensions, especially scapegoated teacher pensions, are under attack – again, again and repeatedly again. Legislators who have taken an oath to defend the Illinois constitution are openly breaking their oaths by ignoring the clause that protects pensions – earned benefits, delayed compensation. Why would they do this? Ask the billionaire members of the Civic Committee of the private Commercial Club of Chicago.

407217_467841859928420_583923891_n Why? $$$$$$$$$

We Are One Illinois has a solid message with a solid request to contact legislators NOW. Let them know we are here and demanding to be heard and represented.
We Are One Illinois is a solid defender of public pensions. Please contact legislators via their site and pass this message along.

Action Alert! Pension-Cutting “Mega-Bill” Could Move in May


And what about the Illinois Retired Teachers Association, IRTA, that continues to collect membership dues from retirees?

Below, however, is the latest official IRTA update. Please read it.
(I truly wish the IRTA would stop treating us like semi-senile nitwits with comments such as “This bill does not directly affect present retirees.” This lulls us into a sense of false security. Later in the second paragraph, something that could impact present retiree pensions is mentioned although not in bold face. Also, reducing the number of people and/or dollars contributed presently or in the near future into our pension system IS an attack on the security of our pensions.)

In spite of the fact that IRTA, for some bizarre reason, doesn’t mention that retirees should call as many legislators as possible. I believe that retirees are not yet demented enough to overlook the necessity to call and contact legislators. Use the We Are One Illinois site.
Now, for the IRTA site, please notice this. (The underlining is mine.)

SB1 which passed the Senate is scheduled to be heard in the House Personnel and Pensions Committee on May 1 at 8:30am. Speaker Madigan is the House sponsor. SB1 makes current teachers choose between keeping a compounding 3 percent annual pension increase or state-subsidized health insurance as retirees. This bill does not directly affect current retirees.
The IRTA is opposed to SB1.
Additionally, Speaker Madigan is reportedly working on his version of pension reform. The legislation is rumored to surface this week. The legislation will most likely include the provisions the House has already passed in HB1166, HB1154, HB1165 along with several other provisions.

This legislation will include the diminishment of current retirees’ pension benefits.The House and the Senate do not currently agree on the structure of the pension legislation which has created a stalemate between the two chambers.

IRTA’s site further diminishes the importance of pension cutting legislation by announcing the above, followed by the chance to buy special 20% off tickets to a performance of “Oklahoma,” followed by an “urgent video message” by the IRTA president which paid members only can view by logging in.

IRTA 4-29-13

IRTA is a defender of retirees? Wake up! This is a very bad joke of what teacher retirees are expected to do. Wake up!

Well, We Are One Illinois is against all the proposed bills, yet IRTA states it is against only one. Wake up! We are all in this together.

Here is one excerpt of the We Are One announcement.
These three bills are summarized below and would affect all active and retired public workers, except judges: HB 1165 is opposed by the coalition. It caps cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs) at extremely low levels and delays COLAs for five years or until age 67, whichever comes first. The caps alone have the effect of reducing the value of a pension by one-third after twenty years in retirement.

We need to call Illinois legislators. We need to wake up and act as one. We need to suffer no fools and pretend no comforting pretenses. We need to ask our leaders to delegate their responsibilities if they themselves can no longer meet the adequately. We need to be spoken to as adults not yet in their second childhood. We need small groups to support larger groups with expertise. We need to be assured that our voices are heard.

We Are One Illinois seems to have taken the lead, and we need to be part of it rather than sellers of discount tickets for “Oklahoma” productions.


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