In Pictures: Rahm & others announce “and justice for…”

Bill Moyers dares to speak truth to power and us all – even the most deluded of us all.
“Bill reports on the hypocrisy of ‘justice for all’ in a society where billions are squandered for a war born in fraud while the poor are pushed aside. Turns out true justice — not just the word we recite from the Pledge of Allegiance — is still unaffordable for those who need it most.” As a matter of fact, it’s not only the poor, it is also the middle class, who are being denied justice in a country ruled by money and the few who control most of it.
Read and view it HERE.

Since equal access to education is a basic premise for all that America stands for, denial of this is where Rahm Emanuel and his ilk nationwide are guiltiest of un-American activities.

Rahm B-W

How do we know Rahm and his democratic and republican cronies are selling America to the highest bidders? Using rigged test scores and making insane rules for public schools sets the stage for what?

Rahm Merc

His millionaire and billionaire appointees to the Board of Education close schools in which areas to rid themselves of the risk of paying fair taxes to alleviate the poverty which is at the heart of the school/student failure problem?


These school board members, past and present, inflict a “those versus our” morality of what is right for those children is not what we deem right for our children. Penny Pritzker, Ellen Alberding and Rahm send their children to good schools as other children attend schools with no libraries, nurses, art, music, P.E., or even recess in the curriculum and schedule.


Well, the truth for all of us is one of basic justice. Stating “justice” in the Pledge of Allegiance as billionaires and multinational mega-corporations pay their toadies and lapdogs to make a mockery of what our country stands for is intolerable. Inflicting this gross injustice on children is child abuse.

It comes down to this.


Either equal access to education is a civil right, or the USA is a banana republic ruled by a plutocracy.



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2 Responses to In Pictures: Rahm & others announce “and justice for…”

  1. This is why I keep saying – Do you ever get the feeling that the entire country was duped? That the whole election season (especially this year) was carefully planned and orchestrated at the top levels by one group controlling what happens from say at least the VP level and up by the same people that control the media and therefore what the voting public makes its decisions on? That the entire process is a big show and a big joke that is getting the people that control it so much more power each time that they do it, that they seem to feel that they have so much power now that they do not care who finds out and are getting bolder because they do not feel that the People will revolt! They take issues like gun control, abortion and marriage equality (that mean nothing to the Billionaires personally) and get everyone so worked up about it on both sides of the isle that no one notices that they are taking over the entire country and the education system so that eventually there will be no one left to rebel against anything that they do!!!

    • kenpreviti says:

      Yes, we have become an oligarchy at least and have probably become a plutocracy ruled by a very few. No one will rebel until more people become aware of this. By then, it may be too late. There is a reason that a plutocracy doesn’t want another generation of people with critical thinking skills such as our generation received. Chris Hedges and Bill Moyers have very small audiences compared to what Rupert Murdoch alone controls.

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