Illinois Democrats and Florida Republicans pillage teacher pensions SIMULTANEOUSLY

Illinois Democrats and Florida Republicans legislate to pillage active and retired teacher pensions simultaneously. This is NO coincidence.

Who wants to teach where teachers past and present are being openly scapegoated and financially ripped? Who wants their children to attend public school?

Teachers and other public workers are threatened with a vote to pillage their pensions tomorrow by the Florida Republican super-majority legislature just as the Illinois Democratic super-majority legislature did today. There is a well financed War against the Middle Class going on at this minute and hundreds of thousands are being financially attacked and hurt as you read this.

Gov Pat Quinn   scott9

The bluest of blue states, Illinois, with its Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn and his super-majority legislature and one of the reddest of red states, Florida, with its Tea Party Republican Gov. Rick Scott and his super-majority legislature are both attempting to legalize the theft of active and retired teacher pensions. No, there is no crisis except the ones these politicos created and continue for the profit of their cronies. The propaganda surrounding the “We Are Broke” stories is well financed and repeated by the same corporate media owned and operated by billionaire multinational giants as each political party proclaims separate, equal and opposite platforms. This travesty also hits at other public employees as the assault on public services continues and escalates.

Illinois legislation details – read HERE.

Florida legislation details – read HERE.

This is a true war on public education, unions, teachers, retirees and fairness to the public good. The corruption we call government does not serve the interests of the children or adults that government is supposed to serve.

By the way, the Democrats in Chicago and the Republicans in Philadelphia are presently closing public schools as money is appropriated for the financial benefit of for-profit charter school corporations. We used to call this graft and corruption rather than referring to it as the new normal.

We must reclaim reform or perish as a free nation.


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4 Responses to Illinois Democrats and Florida Republicans pillage teacher pensions SIMULTANEOUSLY

  1. sandy Hovey Campbell says:

    Mr. Previti, Did you teach at LT south campus? If so, I remember you as I did my student teaching there in the art department. I currently teach at Oak Park and River Forest High School. I found your blog while looking for pension information.
    Sandy Hovey Campbell

    • kenpreviti says:

      Yes, I’m one and the same. Thank you for your compliment; I appreciate it.
      Knowing that you, too, became a teacher pleases me a great deal. Please pass along my blog along with Glen Brown, John Dillon, Fred Klonsky and Tim Firman’s blogs. They are fine people, fine teachers and fine bloggers. We have a huge battle to continue fighting.

  2. Randall Jake says:

    Bribing judges is illegal. The judges understand the importance of the idea of precedents. Breaking your oath of office is illegal. Violating the Illinois constitution is illegal. Violating the United States constitution is illegal. Stealing money from pension funds is illegal. There is a contract that has been in existence regarding pensions for many years. The past and present people in the Illinois legislature are considering becoming a party to all of the aforementioned illegal actions. They think they are above the law. If the Illinois Supreme Court becomes a party to these illegal actions then the United States Supreme Court needs to protect its citizens from an illegal and corrupt system of state government.

    • kenpreviti says:

      Precisely. Since a father and daughter control the legislature and the attorney general’s office for prosecuting crimes, this will not be easy. Much of their money is in the Madigan Foundation just as others have and control foundations that have immense tax benefits and a philanthropic public image.
      Stand for Children’s Jonah Edelman openly brags about spending $3.5 million to successfully “flip” Mike Madigan. It’s on YouTube under Edelman’s name at an Aspen Conference.

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