Mike “MRSA” Madigan infects Public Education

Mike “MRSA” Madigan infects Public Education.
This is not an insult; it is reality at its most primeval.

Madigan 12

Madigan has been a member of the Illinois House of Representatives since 1971 and Speaker of the House since 1986 – minus a little blip. He presently refers to the intentional pillaging of teacher and other public pensions as the work of “previous legislatures.” Hmm…

What intelligent and qualified person would choose to be a teacher in Illinois?

Past, present and future teachers have legislation that pillages their pensions along with raising and collecting their future, past and present contributions. Having paid, as required, 9.4% of their gross income for decades, they will now be required to “contribute a mere 2% toward their own pensions.” Well, 9.4% + 2% = 11.4% of their gross incomes to be paid with no legal assurance that underfunding/pillage will not occur. If they actually get to retire, cost-of-living could still starve or cripple them shortly thereafter. Who in the state will repay them their own mandatory “contributions”? Yes, Madigan and his cronies are out to kill public education – one retired/active/future teacher at a time.

MRSA is a destructive and often lethal infection that is impervious to a cure. Madigan has the infection and infects others; his form of the infection cripples other legislators and the people he was elected to serve. He infects representatives and citizens alike. Thanks to his best buddy, Gerry, he serves regardless of the people of Illinois. (Gerry Mandering is the guy that gives Democratic Illinois and Tea Party Republican Florida their own particular stenches of corruption.)

However, Madigan manfully asserts that he “will accept whatever criticism comes my way.” Of course, he has also assured that whatever he did to earn that criticism is either legal or has no way to hold him legally accountable. After all, as head lawmaker he has assiduously made laws that cannot hold him accountable for his actions. As Ty Fahner, ex-attorney general and lead pension attacker for the Civic Committee, proudly spouts: If the pillaging of pensions was done by a CEO in a corporation, his sorry butt would be in jail. (paraphrase)

By the way, whenever “pillage” is used, insert “underfund.” All of these politicos prefer euphemisms to reality. “The pensions have been systematically underfunded for decades,” read a recent SEC report about the present so-called “pension crisis” which is actually the result of legalized theft and a revenue crisis. “The pensions have been systematically pillaged for decades.” In Illinois and elsewhere, underfunded means pillaged or plundered. Think about pillaged/underfunded the next time you read, view or hear the news.

As Dave Mckinny of the Chicago Sun Times reports: Those who helped get Illinois to where it is today with pensions include former Gov. Jim Edgar; House Speaker Michael Madigan (D-Chicago), a Statehouse constant during the state’s calamitous pension slide; and everyone who voted for either a flawed, 1994 pension-funding law Edgar and Madigan championed… In its complaint against the state Monday, the SEC said the scheduled payments under the 1995 law were “insufficient” to meet the pension systems’ true obligations. As a result, the agency described the law as the “primary driver” behind a breathtaking $57 billion increase in unfunded pension liabilities between 1995 and 2010… “Rod Blagojevich stopped making payments and unbelievably, with Speaker Madigan’s help, actually raided monies from the Teacher Retirement System,” (Sen. Kirk Dillard states.) Full article HERE.

Four of Illinois’ past governors were arrested, tried, convicted and jailed for fraud, corruption and other vile things. Madigan outlasted them and flourishes. Of course governors do not write laws that make what they are doing legal. That is done by legislators, particularly the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

No wonder Illinois is losing population. Would you want to live where MRSA could infect you and everyone around you? Would you want to teach there or have your children attend school there?

prison nicknameLet’s start a Madigan pool/poll. Well, we can only hope.


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