Greedy Teachers vs Altruistic Billionaires

There is a parallel universe where experienced, qualified teachers are known for being non-teachers unable to teach and billionaires are known for giving away their money. It’s the Media Universe of infomercials and propaganda-as-truth. It calls stealing from retirees “sequestration compromise.” It calls profitization of public services “public-private partnerships.” It calls school closings a method of “securing the future of education.” It agrees that in order to save democracy appointed overseers may take over elected school boards, pension systems, and even cities.
Even Stephen Colbert repeats the parallel universe education mantra – mockingly.

Colbert for our children future

Salon magazine expresses it in a wonderful article. Getting rich off of school children.
This gives the who, what, where, why and how of this corporate education pillaging and its mantra.

Excerpt: The pervasive media mythology tells us that the fight over the schoolhouse is supposedly a battle between greedy self-interested teachers who don’t care about children and benevolent billionaire “reformers” whose political activism is solely focused on the welfare of kids. Epitomizing the media narrative, the Wall Street Journal casts the latter in sanitized terms, reimagining the billionaires as philanthropic altruists “pushing for big changes they say will improve public schools.”

How many of us realize how the charter school sales pitch “You too can be a winner” and “You are a finalist in this lottery” were used and abused by mail-order magazine subscription hype specialists in the not too distant past? Only now, the stakes are much higher.

Nine-year-olds are nine years old only once. If their one time educational opportunity is during this national grab-bag moment, it is gone with their childhood. That is simply intolerable. These children are precious stakes in greedy game.

We must reclaim reform by exposing this insanity for what it is and by refusing to allow its continuation.

Secure future


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