Reading a paced, scripted text is NOT teaching.

Common Core isn’t.

Reading a paced, scripted text is not teaching.

scripted text

The Race to the Top is not a race and has no top.

No Child Left Behind left children behind if their arbitrary test scores did not meet a shifting arbitrary number.

Homeless students are required to give their home addresses for school attendance.

Federal public education funds are given in large amounts to schools that don’t need to improve and are denied to schools that need to improve.

As the wealthiest country in the world, we are repeatedly told by elected officials that we are broke and cannot afford to pay our bills.

The USA is declared the greatest country in the world by elected officials who gather data showing that by most quantifiable data the USA is not the greatest country in the world. (Health, household income, longevity, infant mortality, college graduation levels, etc.)

Massive Defense Department budgets are spent on Offensive Weaponry that the Pentagon doesn’t want and cannot use or store; education funds are denied to the schools of children of members of the Armed Forces.

Public education is being privatized. Public money is being given to private for-profit corporations who are allowed to make even more profits while being freed from having to take all public school students while not meeting the same criteria demanded of public schools.

The wealthiest citizens pay less in taxes than the middle class citizens. The wealthiest multi-national corporations pay no taxes in America and are actually given tax money as rewards and incentives for something-or-other reasons. Public school systems attended by children of middle class tax payers are denied tax funding.

U.S. Secretary of Public Education Arnie Duncan believes that public education should be taken away from public control and that education taxes should be handed over to for-profit corporations who are not supervised or regulated by publicly elected school boards.

Republican Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jihndal gives tax money to certain private Christian schools who teach only creationism while refusing to teach evolution. The schools have poor attendance due to the flu. Flu shots need to be given annually because flu viruses evolve so quickly.

Tea Party Florida Gov. Rick Scott takes education tax money away from public schools and awards it to for-profit charter schools where his cronies have investments.

Democratic Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel closes schools in areas he intends to bulldoze in order to build new railway yards planned by his hedge fund and real estate investment buddies.


Here is the same oxymoronic destruction in a Connect-The-Dot series.
The president of the Wal-Mart Foundation, who was also the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Global Development Program president, Sylvia Mathews Burwell, is appointed Director of the White House Budget Office who is
committed to providing honest and accurate information on the dangerous financial condition of our country.” Privatization, corporate school charters, school vouchers, and newly created multi-million dollar testing programs are all being promoted by the Wal-Mart Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

crazy Insane like a fox AND greedy as a pig.




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One Response to Reading a paced, scripted text is NOT teaching.

  1. tskware says:

    Thank you for packing so much truth into one article. I wish every tax payer in the U.S. would read this and get inspired to take action on behalf of public education. It’s past time.

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