Space Coast, Florida and Chicago: 50 years later, school (closing) discrimination becomes an issue

The people on the Space Coast, home of Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center, are faced with the issue of school discrimination and civil rights issues. Black and white supporters stood together as an attorney announced that one mother and one grandmother were seeking an injunction to stop the Brevard County School District from closing specific schools.

Yes, one mother and one grandmother.

Parents must lead and demand. Without that, the children become victims.

Brevard school closing objection Stop means stop.

Stop means stop. No means no. Even in the land of Tea Party Governor Rick Scott, previously the CEO of a healthcare corporation that was fined over $1 billion for defrauding Medicare. Even with this super-majority republican state legislature someone must yell, “STOP!”

View the announcement of legal action and/or read the article HERE.

MEANWHILE in Chicago, home of Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the super-majority democrats, democrats and more democrats…
Same old same old. This is where money grubbing politicians grub. These politicians take.
They know that if enough people are driven out (especially black people) of their homes and neighborhoods, the politicians could sell land and write juicy contracts for vast railroad yards to replace the old antiquated ones. The plans are already being openly discussed.

You know, it’s a lose-take-take situation which includes lots of shooting deaths of school-age children.

Closing schools “sends a subliminal message,” says Michelle Lee-Sebastian, an Auburn-Gresham block club leader. “It says, ‘There’s nothing in your community—anything productive you want to do, you have to leave the community.'” Read the full article HERE.

Well, the area where I live and the area where I lived are having the same school closing prescriptions written for totally different symptoms by (supposedly) two separate political parties and politicians. Kinda makes you sick to your stomach, doesn’t it?

Chicago Auburn-Gresham neighborhood Chicago Auburn-Gresham neighborhood

Injustice and destruction are bipartisan when money is involved.


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One Response to Space Coast, Florida and Chicago: 50 years later, school (closing) discrimination becomes an issue

  1. retiredbutmissthekids says:

    “Stop means stop.” Makes me think of rape–“no means no.” Yes, that’s exactly what it is, creating a whole world of pain on an unimaginable scale for innumerable innocent victims.

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