Actual Broad Foundation Manual: School Closure Guide (Plutocrats wage war against public schools)

Yes, there is a War Against Public Education. No, this in not merely another crazy conspiracy theory. Proof?

Here is the “School Closure Guide: closing schools as a means for addressing budgetary challenges.”

Broad School Closing

Excerpt:This is a guide for school district operators considering school closures to address significant budgetary challenges. Note that this tool was not designed to assist with school closures as part of a periodical closing and opening of schools for academic performance, though a subset of the strategies may still be applicable.
•Deciding whether to close schools and which schools to close
•Engaging and communicating with stakeholders
•Effectively executing school closures

“Though a subset of the strategies may still be available” is legalize for “use this stuff to close public schools.”

Direct explanation: Fire middle class, qualified, salaried teachers with healthcare and pensions. Destroy unions and the protections they give. Create a curriculum that trains complacent workers. Hire cheap, young, replaceable temps, such as Teach for America. Starve the Beast by using high stakes testing that stresses students and parents – driving them to charter schools. Create a teaching environment that discourages teaching as a career and life-service. Privatization as a sole solution. Direct financial profit. Indirect profit from non-profits with huge executive compensation and tax advantages that assure profit.

Scam Words: The Broad Foundation uses the euphemisms of corporate sales. Remember when tobacco corporations did that? By the way, many of those same corporations are now heavily invested in charters, testing companies and text (paper and online) providers.

Please share this; we all need to reclaim reform. Public schools need real reform – minus the profit takers and education deformers.


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6 Responses to Actual Broad Foundation Manual: School Closure Guide (Plutocrats wage war against public schools)

  1. Florence says:

    Also: Master Plan from Broad for Investing the Recovery Funds for Student Success 2009

    These goals (particularly closing schools and turning them into charters) were to be reached by 2012 so now the Broadies are revving up and moving quickly.

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