Crimes Against Humanity: Florida

If you make more than $3,200 a year in Florida, you are ineligible for Medicaid whether you are a man, woman or child. Republican Tea Party Gov. Rick Scott and his Teapublican super-majority legislature have decided this is fair treatment.

Tea Party Republican Billionaire Gov. Rick Scott was the CEO of the corporation convicted of the biggest fraud against Medicare in history. When questioned personally he repeatedly refused to answer on the grounds that it might incriminate him, yet his money paid for TV messages that got him elected.

Scott budget surplus

This Mother Jones article is filled with details and examples of this series of these
Crimes Against Humanity.

Excerpt from MJ:
Where the Sun Don’t Shine
From high-speed trains to care for terminally ill kids: a few of the federal grants Florida has turned down
$2.4 billion: High-speed rail
$37.5 million: Support for people moving out of nursing homes
$31.5 million: Home visits for new mothers
$11.1 million: Teen pregnancy and STD prevention
$8.3 million: Three county health centers
$2.1 million: Helping Floridians navigate the health insurance industry
$2 million: Hospice care for children
$2 million: Aid for seniors to pay for Medicare premiums and buy prescription drugs
$1 million: Strengthening state review of insurance premium increases
$1 million: Insurance exchange to help consumers compare plans and buy subsidized coverage
$875,000: Cancer prevention

Does it seem that these Crimes Against Humanity are aimed at women, children, students, people in poverty, the disabled? Well, they are

Follow the money. Where does all the money really go since it doesn’t simply disappear? For now it is simply given away by the millions as tax incentive payments to certain corporations and organizations such as school and prison privatization entities. Scott and the Teapublicans openly state that they plan to create a 0% corporate tax rate within a few years – you know, like the Banana Republics have.

Sociopaths, especially wealthy sociopaths, are now definitely part of the “political class.”

We must reclaim reform, or we shall perish.

By the way, liberal Illinois Democratic politicos with their Democrapublican super-majority legislature are following the same destructive paths against the middle class and the poor. Membership in the “political class” must have that as a prerequisite. (Another blog will demonstrate that.)

Scott Care


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6 Responses to Crimes Against Humanity: Florida

  1. Sounds like Jindal in Louisiana. We MUST fight back!

    • kenpreviti says:

      You hit the nail on the head. It’s Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, New Jersey, etc. The List goes on. Please read the first ten pages of the 2007 nonfiction best-seller by Naomi Klein, The Shock Doctrine. This attack on the middle class and the poor by plutocrats has been successful for them for over 30 years. The first target is always education. Now it is America’s turn.
      I refuse to be a willing victim. You are right; we must fight back.

  2. Isolde Blue says:

    The info needs to be corrected. It’s not Medicare that Scott has any control over. Medicare is a federal program available to everyone age 65 and over, no matter your income. You must mean Medicaid… Posting incorrect info is not helpful to the Democrat’s cause.

  3. Mike Drake says:

    Very interesting, Ken. Keep fighting these super wealthy thieves and liars with information. Slowly but surely you’ll wake the ordinary, under informed, duped citizens. Take heart from the fact that Fox News is losing viewers and people now believe Fox lies about 40% of the time. The right wing is fast digging a hole from which they can’t climb out. Keep throwing dirt in their faces.

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