Non-Lobbyist for a legal lobbying firm? Well, at least he doesn’t have to rely on his state pension.

Uncertain of his state pension, Senate President John Cullerton (D-IL) is looking to make some more money for his old age. As he and his cohorts attempt to pillage the teacher and other public employee pension funds, they are not illegally becoming registered lobbyists; they are joining lobbying law firms who “will assist in providing strategic advice to clients.”

Cullerton stratigic advice

Is a politico you have in your district, city, county or state doing the same? Read the list HERE – and add to it.

Political reform, voter reform, election reform, healthcare reform, education reform, pension reform? Or corporate scams by legally corrupted politicos?

We must reclaim reform.

UPDATE: I have no idea why the link info disappeared from Politico so fast.  The internet is amazing. New source of info HERE.

“Third paragraph:
Former U.S. Senator Christopher S. “Kit” Bond and Illinois Senate President John J. Cullerton , both Thompson Coburn partners, also will serve as members of the group. While neither is a registered federal lobbyist at Thompson Coburn, they both will assist in providing strategic advice on government affairs and public policy to Thompson Coburn clients. The group will be based in the firm’s Washington, D.C., office, and joins its Federal Practice Group, which represents the legal interests of a wide variety of industries before agencies of the U.S. government.”
PR Newswire (



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