Another crazy conspiracy theory? No – it is a blatant attack on teacher pensions and public education in Illinois, Florida and federally.

There is no “crazy conspiracy theory” behind teacher pension problems. There is a blatant attack on teacher pensions and public education in state after state and federally by well financed politicians.
Democrats in Illinois, Republicans in Florida, and Democrapublicans at the federal level are attacking active and retired teacher pensions and public education.
Today. Simultaneously. Shock & Awe. No coincidence. Attempted legalized pillage.

First, please sign the petition to address Illinois Revenue & Debt Reform HERE.
We need your help. Please pass this on for others to sign.

Illinois Democrats:
Mike Madigan, Speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives, refuses to meet or speak with any public employee union representative regarding the pension crisis or solution. His Arrogance Madigan, house member for over 40 years and speaker for 27 years, blames past legislatures for the legalized pillage of pensions and the bizarre “ramp” payment process which awards 2/3 of the annual pension debt to go to interest rates held by the lucky investor creditors of Illinois retirement fund. Some of these just happen to be campaign and foundation contributors to Madigan. Madigan even has the haughtiness to refuse union requests for contacts by telling them that they had their chance two years ago.

Want to see an arrogant Madigan lie in writing?
To date, we have received no cooperation from the labor unions representing state employees on addressing these challenges,” powerful state House Speaker Michael Madigan wrote in a January 30 letter to the head of a labor coalition.

Call Madigan

See HERE for John Dillon’s excellent blog description of Illinois events.

See HERE for Glen Brown’s excellent blog description of Illinois events.

See HERE for Fred Klonsky’s excellent blog description of a meeting of disinforming Illinois legislators who choose to remain ignorant of the state constitution and the possibilities of debt reform. They, of course, claim that retirees and teachers who demand their pensions will force them to cut funding from disabled children, schools, etc. (They never mention the hundreds of millions of dollars given away month after month to corporate favorites who also happen to be campaign contributors.)

Florida Tea Party Republicans:
In Florida the most fanatic of all Tea Party Republican governors, Rick Scott, and his legislative minions have overturned the state’s constitutional protections of public employee pension funds. With a 4-3 vote of the FL Supreme Court, the judiciary decided that previous constitutional interpretations were irrelevant, and the uber-right wing 4 made legal that which was illegal. Now this: “The Florida Retirement System bill was filed yesterday and it does as Speaker Will Weatherford and President Don Gaetz have both promised, close the Florida Retirement System pension plan forever, beginning January 1, 2014.”
See HERE see who to call to stop this legislation.

The appointed Florida Board of Education wants to shift costs, even for state mandated charter schools, to property taxes within local school districts. See HERE for details.

Gov. Scott plans to save public lands by selling other public lands and saving schools by closing public schools and building new privatized charter schools. (Remember the Vietnamization solution? “In order to save the village, we had to destroy the village.”)
See HERE for a detailed article.

Federal Democrapublicans:
Well, the old “fiscal cliff” is still being addressed albeit with newer euphemisms. The austerity measure not referred to as an austerity measure calls for cuts-cuts-cuts (mere reductions) to education targets. Winning Democrats are doing their best to appease the losing Republicans who know how to make the “hard decisions” for the good of… Well, for the good of something called our economic future – or something like that. Just wave the flag and cut!
“At a minimum, education could still be hit with a cut of more than $3 billion this year,” declares the NEA site Kids Not Cuts.
“Remember to tell your elected official’s staff that you are an educator and voter in his or her state, and that the best way to reduce the deficit is to create jobs and close tax loopholes for the rich – not cut public education.” See HERE for directions to call your legislators with this message.

“Nasty, greedy active and retired teachers! It’s you or doom for defenseless little kids. BLAM-BLAM-BLAM!!!”

Illinois Democrats – Florida Republicans – Federal Democrapublicans.
All who serve their own personal interests and a corporate agenda.

Shock & Awe


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