The Teacher Pension Crisis in Illinois Is Not About the Teacher Pension Crisis in Illinois

Education reform is neither; the term refers to corporate profit taking via education tax monies being reallocated – privatization, private public partnerships, etc.



The teacher pension crisis in Illinois is not about the teacher pension crisis in Illinois.

The pro-teacher, pro-union Democrats in Illinois are not pro-teacher or pro-union.

Illinois Democrats are passing Wisconsin Tea Party legislation written by ALEC, the Civic Committee, et al.

The legislators in Illinois who take an oath of office to protect the state constitution are not protecting the state constitution.

Transparent government in Illinois is not transparent.

The revenue problem in Illinois is not being addressed as a revenue problem.

Public education money is not being used for public education.

The governor of Illinois does not govern Illinois.

The inviolate public trust is redefined as a new normal that violates the public trust.

The 9.4% of their gross income paid by all teachers for the full length of their careers into the state mandated teacher pension fund was not paid into the teachers pension fund by the state.

Since teachers were not allowed to pay their salaries into Social Security or Medicare, state legislators expect retired teachers to go onto Social Security and Medicare that they are ineligible for.

The mismanagement (legalized theft) of the teachers pension fund money is blamed on previous legislatures by today’s legislature which is being controlled by the same Speaker of the House Madigan who has been the Speaker for over 27 years of past legislatures.

The cost-of-living requirements are being reduced to less than the cost-of-living.

The drive to get older, experienced teachers to retire from teaching is being addressed by raising the age for retirement.

The funding for the pension fund by present teachers is being addressed by having teachers pay into a 401k which does not put enough money into the pension fund.

The people elected to represent the well-being and interests of the people of Illinois represent the corporate well-being and interests of multinational mega-corporations.

Here is an example as the CEO and Chairman of Caterpillar International Doug Oberhelman gives his opinion about today’s public school teacher pension crisis in Illinois.

One top Illinois business wasted no time lavishing praise on the progress made in the House Monday despite the uncertainty over whether the package will get out of the legislative chamber or, more significantly, can be reconciled with a Senate package being pushed by Senate President John Cullerton (D-Chicago). ‘Caterpillar is pleased to see that the Illinois House is taking a step today on legislation that could be part of comprehensive pension reform that is critical for Illinois’ long-term fiscal health. We are encouraged by this activity and we hope that there can be bipartisan agreement on legislation that will fundamentally reform the system and make it sustainable for generations to come. We recognize this is a complex issue but believe that addressing it now will position Illinois to move toward fiscal stability,’ Caterpillar Chairman and CEO Doug Oberhelman said in a prepared statement.”

Click here for the full Chicago Sun Times article.

The CEO and Chairman of a multinational corporation? Public school teacher pension funds? Lame-ducks making partial decisions? Why are these all jumbled together?

Legalized corruption in a plutocracy disguised as a democratic republic does things like this.

“God Help America” since our legislators won’t.


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