Government Transparency OR Destruction of Public School Teachers?

By doing as much damage as possible to teachers, both active and retired, state legislators are damaging public schools to make way for juicy government contracts to charter & testing corporations and their investors.

Madigan Nekritz

Connect the dots; educated people can connect these dots despite the constant corporate paid propaganda repeated in every profitable media source.

By the way, legalized corruption knows no political party allegiance. Money rules.

Role reversal at the federal and state level? Teacher pensions are being attacked in Illinois by Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn with the backroom collusion of Republican legislators. Democratic super-majority leaders of both the Illinois House of Representatives and the Senate seek these cuts in the face of breaking specific constitutional language which states in Article XIII, Section 5 that the pension benefits earned by state employees “shall not be diminished or impaired.”

In other words, the Illinois Constitution states that once you have earned deferred compensation, no one can take it away.

The state used these funds as a credit card for decades thus piling up IOUs to retired teachers it claims it shouldn’t pay for. The state even legalized this theft on the part of legislators; they cannot go to jail for this theft although private sector people would be jailed if they had done this to a corporation. The actuarial data showing today’s very real crisis is impressive, but there is actually a revenue crisis – not a pension crisis. It’s complicated stuff, but that just makes it complicated legalized theft.

See this link to Capital Faxfor all the slimy backroom dealing done by Gov. Quinn, Speaker Madigan, Rep. Nekritz, Senate Leader Cullerton, and other assorted betrayers of teachers and retirees.
Capital Fax: Will Madigan Make it Happen?

Because Illinois teachers have been compelled to pay solely into the state pension and healthcare programs and have not been allowed to take part in Social Security and Medicare, the 9.4% of annual gross income they paid for their entire teaching careers, their pensions and healthcare are inviolate. They would suffer in poverty and die without them.

What sane person would want to make a career of teaching in a state that steals money from each paycheck and then denies you your own pension and healthcare? Yes, this is the important dot to connect.

This keeps the door open for corporations to hire semi-educated and inexperienced people temporarily for Teach For America (TFA) or Walmart employee costs while collecting tax money and making profits. Career professionals, excellence in education, children educated to the highest level of their natural abilities? POW! Public education killed for profit. Dot. dot. dot…


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