Ronald Reagan Exposes the Social Security Lie


Social Security that is unsocial and insecure.
Pensions entrusted to state governments that cannot be trusted to govern a trust.
Representatives who do not represent.
Legislators who do not write or read legislation.
Leaders who follow.
Public services cut for corporate tax reduction.
Public schools for private profit.
The list goes on and on in the world’s wealthiest country that claims it cannot afford human services which are for citizens who have already paid for them.

Public reform that is neither.

What did President Ronald Reagan say about cutting Social Security to reduce the national debt?
Watch this 37 second video from Oct. 7, 1984 as Reagan states in no uncertain terms the reality that has today become spun into the destructive lie called CHAINS.

The Illinois General Assembly meets in January to raid public employee pensions for present teachers and retirees. Democratic super-majority members of both the Illinois Senate and the House of Representatives continue the lies as they steal from and betray their own public servants.

Isn’t it about time that we demand to reclaim reform?


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