Persecution of widows and…

Chains? Chains at the federal level mean that the oldest, especially widows, the grandchildren and great-grandchildren so many care for and support, and the people who have jobs because the Social Security money spent in the economy – all these and more will suffer for no purpose. Chains? Why?

elderly woman

There is no connection of Social Security to the national debt. Selecting the statistically smallest group for purposes of what? A political gesture by President Barack Obama? A gesture by Democrats? For what purpose?

The irony behind the following quotation and the person making it is no greater than the irony of what is happening at both the federal and state level in 2012-13 America.

“Continuous persecution of widows and orphans is a crime. Even the Bible says there is a specific place in hell for those who oppress widows.
Imelda Marcos

The same mockery of Democracy, the mockery of government for the people, is also occurring in Illinois with attempts to bleed the public pensions of teachers and others – especially those who were not allowed to be part of Social Security and Medicare by the state mandates that required 9.4% of their gross income contributions to be paid to the state only. Their sole income comes from their state pensions which they earned with their labor and expertise over the years while educating the children entrusted to them. Their sole medical coverage often comes from the state alone. Yes, once again, the state debt is reduced by little or nothing. Yes, once again, the state is governed by Democrats as a super-majority legislature as well as in positions of governor, etc. What is the purpose of causing this suffering – especially that which harms older widows most severely?


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