Starve the Beast: Us – In spite of Newtown

“Starve the Beast” is a political strategy employed by neoconservatives in order to limit government spending by cutting taxes, especially corporate taxes and those of the wealthiest, in order to deprive the government of revenue in a deliberate effort to force the federal government to reduce and cripple social programs thus forcing the privatization-profitization programs to be the only alternative to failed programs. The short and medium term effect of the strategy has increased U.S. debt rather than reduce actual spending which profits the corporate wealthy. This behavior is condoned, rationalized and propagandized via corporate owned and controlled media sources while pretending to offer both sides of an issue. There is no humanity involved; destroy a public system and replace it with a profitized system that people will be forced to take as their only choice. Privatization. Profitization. Public Private Partnerships. Vouchers. Opportunity Scholarships.

The tragic massacre of innocents in Newtown brought forth appreciation for the teachers, faculty and staff who risked their lives, or paid with their lives, to shelter and save the students under their care and protection. These same people were referred to as union thugs along with all other public school teachers who are part of bargaining systems that provide them with due process from being fired, a decent living wage, healthcare, and pensions. The great promise of technology (on sale or contributed by the same organizations that will charge us for updates ala Bill Gates, etc.) to replace nasty union thugs will forge onward. The assault on these teachers and all others will continue unabated within days after the beginning of the year. Corporate interests and investment opportunists who seek cheap, replaceable day workers with no additional costs involved will continue and escalate. Walmart quality scripted minimum wage workers who are young, inexperienced and uncertificated will be advertized as youthful exuberance personified. Corporations have no humane interests; their sole purpose it profits.

We need to keep in mind that this corporate assault is nationwide and well financed. One slaughter will make no difference to the overall plan to privatize for profit.

We need to continue our message that teachers exist to meet the needs of their students. We need to remind everyone that teachers, active and retired, are caring human beings who care for their children. Yes, even to the point of risking our lives.


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2 Responses to Starve the Beast: Us – In spite of Newtown

  1. People forget that retired teachers are not truly retired. We contribute in excess of $100,000 in volunteer time yearly to the citizens of Illinois.

    Love your blog, Ken.

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