School Reform or Schools-For-Sale?

The School Reform Movement, unfortunately, has little to do with reforming poorly performing schools, teachers and students. The best propaganda always starts with a basic truth as it slides into a lie. Everyone in this country is aware of the shortcomings of certain schools. School reform has always been an ongoing process – until now.

Florida with Republican Tea Party Gov. Rick Scott and Illinois with Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn in particular display this propagandist mode of abuse and destruction. As in other states where graft is notorious, the actual goal is not the improvement of education; the purpose is to sell public schools to wealthy cronies to run for their own profit. These cronies then arrange for campaign contributions to the politicians who also receive present and future rewards for themselves and their families.

Diane Ravitch, renowned education expert and advocate, recently spoke at the Florida School Boards Conference and dared to speak the fully substantiated truth in an effort to expose the destructive myths/lies being promulgated by destructive politicians in state after state.

Lie #1: Charter schools out-perform public schools.

Lie #2: Bad teachers are to blame. Cut their pay and pension.

Lie #3: Test scores alone prove that real education has taken place.

Lie #4: Merit pay for teachers is the solution to assuring improved test scores.

Lie #5: Teachers need to be evaluated by the test scores of students.

Lie #6: Students need to be trained for today’s jobs.

Because these lies are repeated so often, they gain credibility and validity among even well intentioned people. TV ads that display fast-food as “healthy” and the school reform package as “beneficial” both need to be exposed for what they are – lies.Image


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  1. Ken Burla says:

    This is right on the mark.

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