Isn’t it about time to slap Pam Stewart with Civil Rights Complaints?

Isn’t it about time to slap Pam Stewart with Civil Rights Complaints? As Florida’s appointed Commissioner of Education, Stewart is out of control.

The horror stories abound about students required to sit and stare, parents threatened with serious consequences for their children if the parent decides that the high stakes tests are not good for their children. Enough is enough.

Pam Stewart Civil Rights violator 2

We are the parents. Stewart is appointed to serve, not to deny, parents and children of their guaranteed American rights. ALL Americans of any race or combination of races have these hard won rights. Men and women for over two centuries have offered their lives defending our rights.

What has Stewart had to say?

State law requires students to participate in the state assessment system,” Stewart wrote, “therefore, there is no opt-out clause or process for students to opt out or for parents to opt their children out.”

How do you file a Civil Rights Complaint against her, a school board, a superintendent or a principal? Follow these simple directions from

By the way non-Floridians, whoever are the educational civil rights violators in your state, slap them with Civil Rights Complaints.


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REFUSE to surrender our children’s rights. OPT-OUT. How?

Mr. Rogers knew. Mr. Arne Duncan, certain governors, legislators, school boards and school administrators seem to be ignoring our and our children’s basic rights.

Whatever race or combination of races we and our children are, we have basic human rights.

Mr Rogers and Arne Duncan

We and our children do not surrender our basic rights as Americans as we enter a school building.

Civil rights apply to all Americans. How can we stop the labeling and monetizing of our children when they are forced to take high stakes tests that none of us as parents were ever forced to take?

The wonderful people at United Opt Out National give us the paperwork to complete to defend our children and our children’s basic human rights.

Whether we are one of those “white suburban moms” that Arne Duncan insulted or are someone he chose to marginalize and ignore, we have legal recourse by filing a valid Civil Rights Complaint.

Make your school comply with American laws – not the new legislative threats passed by corrupted state legislators who accept campaign donations from corporate education reform investors.

Mr. Rogers would tell you it is the right thing to do.


“Filing a civil rights complaint is one way parents who refuse to have their child (ren) participate in high stakes standardized testing can defend the child(ren) against the following actions taken by school site or district administrators and officials:
Administrator failure to adhere to parent’s decision to refuse student participation in testing
Forced grade retention when proficiency has been demonstrated via other methods
Course credit denial when proficiency has been demonstrated via other methods
Forced remediation such as summer school or remediation classes in lieu of elective classes when there is clear evidence the child does not need remediation
Unwarranted and punitive penalties such as detentions, inability to participate in extra-curricular activities and team sports, inability to participate in field trips, inability to continue in magnet or academy programs, or inability to be placed in advanced or gifted academic programs
Many thanks to Ceresta Smith for her hard work on this document!!!”




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IL Gov. Bruce Rauner savagely proposes to cut breast cancer screenings.

War against women and the poor?

Ask these women and their families who rely on their incomes.

Ask how much suffering this would cause.

Ask why billionaire Gov. Bruce Rauner, who donated $9 million of his own money to himself in October alone for his own election campaign, now proposes cuts of $9 million from breast cancer screening for poor women.

Rauner CUTS breasr cancer screenings

He has hundreds of millions of dollars of state money to shovel to his billionaire buddies and corporate campaign contributors as “tax incentives” and “job creator” awards.

Rauner is spending lavishly to redecorate the gubernatorial mansion to bring it up to the standards of his seven, eight, or nine personal mansions.

He wants to cut teachers and teacher pensions, the vast majority of whom are women.

He wants “right to work” areas declared in the poorest areas of Illinois.

Rauner is barely in office, and he is already out of control.

Isn’t it about time for a recall?

End this savagery.


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“I must do right by the children… I refuse to administer the PARCC.”

Ken Previti:

And today, in March of 2015, Peggy Robertson is being targeted by her school district for speaking truth to power. SUPPORT PEGGY ROBERTSON AND #defendchildren. See The Denver Post article

Originally posted on Reclaim Reform:

“I must do right by the children…”

Do we realize that saving our children requires that we ALL “must do right by the children”?

I know Peggy Robertson, a mom and a Colorado teacher who helped found United Opt Out.

I have more respect for her as a human being and as a teacher than I have for any of the bought-and-paid-for politicians who shill for the profit making CCSS (Yes, it is private. Yes, it was created to make profits.) and all of the profit making multinational fund managers and “philanthropic” foundation investors who are part of the coup against sane levels of valid testing.

Bill Gates once famously and publicly stated that it would take another ten years to see if the present “experiment” will work. Since his own children are not being experimented on, he avoids mentioning the direct and indirect profit taking he makes via…

View original 419 more words

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The Brightest Students: What risks do they suffer from PARCC and other high stakes tests?

Childhood suicide is to be feared most.

The brightest children of all ages are often the ones who suffer from crash-and-burn behavior. They can be publicly shamed and lose their place in their world.

Since there can be no definite proof that high stakes testing alone is responsible for childhood suicides, we must simply use our own observations.

Childhood suicide rates have increased tremendously during the same years that No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top with their high stakes testing have existed.

Actual and perceived pressures by children often cause extreme behaviors, but the destruction of their own persona, the “smart” one or the “top” one, can be destroyed with one bad grade on an easy test, a high stakes mandated test, that “everyone” else passed.

Freeze on one day during one high stakes test? Be publicly shamed. Peer shamed. Be re-labeled for life. Crash-and burn.

This is a taboo subject. No adult wants to read about or experience this horrific reality. As parents, we must face it and do all we can to prevent it.

High stakes tests and childhood suicides

Why risk it? Take the pressures off by refusing or opting out for your child. Go to United Opt Out National for state-by-state sample letters and directions. You and your child have basic parental and civil rights. This is no time to be overly polite or timid because some intimidated administrator attempts to intimidate you and you child.

Peggy Robertson, one of the teacher moms who founded United Opt Out National, has this to say in her superb Peg With Pen blog.

We  must stand between the children and the harmful mandates that are being used to fail them mentally, emotionally, and physically. Colorado’s suicide rate has increased 16.7 percent from 2012 to 2013 alone.  We must question why countries, such as China and Japan, where high stakes testing is rampant, have such high suicide rates.  We must question – what is becoming of our country? And do we care enough to stop it? Or have we been placated by the consumerism that surrounds us? 


  • Changes in sleep pattern
  • Changes in appetite
  • Changes in school performance
  • Declining grades
  • Difficulty with concentration
  • Sadness or hopelessness
  • Irritability, anger, or hostility
  • Frequent crying
  • Withdrawal from friends, family

No parent of children in grade school or high school has experienced the same level of pressure from the extremes of high stakes testing and the incredible numbers of school days wasted upon test preparation and testing. The purpose of high stakes testing is private profit for a few billionaires and the legislators whose campaigns they contribute to.





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Rahm “45% Is Not Enough” Emanuel has smirk removed by Chuy Garcia

There are times to just celebrate and even gloat. This is one of them.

Here are several memes celebrating and gloating about the smirk from Rahm’s face being removed by Chicago mayoral candidate Jesus “Chuy” Garcia. With all of the millions of dollars and endorsements gathered by Rahm Emanuel, who has closed more schools and fired more teachers than anyone in history, he garnered a mere 45% of the vote in Chicago’s mayoral election. 50% plus one would have been needed to win. Rahm is forced into a runoff election.

Now, let’s gloat. (Please feel free to share any or all memes.)

Rahm in snow


Rahm bathing cap


Rahm search


Rahm hmnnn444

and, finally

Rahm smirk

After laughing and gloating, support pro-teacher, pro-public school, anti-pension cutting, anti-high stakes testing Jesus “Chuy” Garcia in the runoff election. The best thing to help happen in Chicago is to make Rahm a faded memory and Chuy the progressive Mayor of the City of Chicago.



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Governors Rick Scott and Bruce Rauner: Sociopaths

“They are not my problem. …(programs) exist to save those few who can be saved, not to serve all kinds of kids.” (Read both Diane Ravitch and today’s Daily Kos.)

Scott and Christie

Gov, Rick Scott of Florida said the same thing as Gov. Bruce Rauner of Illinois. With ALEC writing legislation financed by some of the wealthiest people and corporations in America, this doesn’t at first seem surprising, but…



Both men were condemning young children as being undeserving and unworthy of receiving either a decent education or basic healthcare. By definition, these men are sociopaths.

Governors Chris Christie, John Kasich, Scott Walker and a few others are also part of this club of amoral leaders dedicated to the destruction of unworthy children.

Who made them gods?

They are worth billions, therefore undeserving children should suffer. They will do what they want to do, and you little people cannot stop them – they think. This is very sick and becomes very destructive in men who intentionally funnel tax money away from social services for children to their own pockets and the pockets of their billionaire “job creator” corporate buddies.

Christie and Rauner

There is a point where we all must assert ourselves to actively oppose these inhumane edicts issued the the elected who bought their election. Join every advocacy group you know – Opt Out, BATs, the Coalition to Restore Democracy, Save Our Schools, Move On, etc.


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Arne Duncan: CRAZY TALK

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is guilty of the following: cruelty to children, abuse of power, misapplication of teacher assessment,  debasement of public schools, perversion of tests which drive curriculum, and other propaganda issued to profit corporate education reform’s multinational investors and private equity fund managers. Arne Duncan is the PR front-man and financial reward giver/taker who intimidates children, parents, teachers, schools, school districts,  and states to comply with expensive and useless high stakes testing. HOW? He talks crazy talk.

Since he is the U.S. Secretary of Education with billions of tax dollars at his command, his crazy talk is repeated, repeated, repeated and spun by corporate media toadies. When a lie is repeated often enough, people treat it as truth; that is propaganda.

CRAZY TALK seems like a rather crude term to use regarding the statements made by a man at his hierarchical governmental level. If it wasn’t crazy talk, then the term would indeed be inappropriate. Since it is crazy talk, the term is simply accurate.

Here are five different statements Arne has made. If they seem unbelievable, Google the statements to see multiple sources of his words. Several have been repeated in remarks to various groups and organizations. Duncan is not stupid; he is a propagandist.

Now, YOU decide just how crazy his INTENTIONAL propaganda is.

Arne Duncan and teachers 1

Arne Duncan traces children

Arne Duncan 7 year olds

Duncan Ravitch a

Arne Duncan white suburban moms

CRAZY TALK. Arne Duncan needs to be removed from office or disempowered.

HOW can Duncan be disempowered? Help our children, help all parents and teachers and save public education. You and your friends and their friends can opt out, refuse, his stakes testing. Non-compliance is the solution. It is not easy, but it needs to be done to stop the privatization (corporate takeover) of public education. Go to United Opt Out National for state-by-state directions and sample letters.


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Rahm’s Chicago where a $15 birth certificate copy costs $46.45 as schools are closed, teachers fired, etc.

“RAHM IS GOOD FOR CHICAGO because…” Because he is paying millions of dollars for ads to get re-elected.

Rahm’s Chicago bleeds every single one of the 2,700,000 present citizens and the innumerable people who have lived there in the past. He rips us off every day in every way. How?

Rahm Emanuel tax fee scam1

One easy example occurred a few weeks ago when I ordered a copy of my birth certificate. The tax fee is $15.00. That is how much goes into the tax base. That seems fair considering the services that Chicago should supply to its citizens.

But how much did I actually pay for a copy of my birth certificate – a single piece of paper mailed to me? $46.45

$31.45 goes to whichever of Rahm’s buddies gets the third party contract to copy and mail one sheet of paper. The money does not go into Chicago’s tax base to support schools and city services. The money goes into a “connected” buddy’s pocket.

Why would any of the 2,700,000 Chicagoans vote to re-elect Rahm?

Hey, Chicago! Wake up and throw the bum out!

Rahm-Emanuel license scam

By the way, my wife also needed a birth certificate and our marriage license in order to get an updated driver’s license. We had to pay a total of $139.35 for $45.00 worth of certificate copies, three sheets of paper.

So even though we presently live in another state, Rahm ripped us off. As a retired teacher I am living on my earned compensation (pension) which Rahm is threatening to cut. I believe he does not belong in City Hall. Rahm belongs in jail with several past Illinois governors who were convicted and justifiably imprisoned there.


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“My child is not college and career ready, because he is a CHILD.”

When the governor and legislators in Indiana talk corporate education reform crazy talk, Cathy Fuentes-Rohwer knew how to respond during a rally at the State House. She is a mom who knows how to speak in real terms about her child and her child’s essence.

One line in particular stood out and caused quite a stir. In order to understand the laser focus of her remark, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan’s often repeated comment about the purpose of high stakes testing and Race to the Top needs repeating.

Arne Duncan 7 year olds

What was this mom’s honest remark in response to Duncan’s irrational expectation?

“My child is not college and career ready, because he is a CHILD.”
– Cathy Fuentes-Rohwer

cathy fuentes-rohwer

She has much more to say. Watch her deliver on this rally VIDEO posted via Facebook.


(By the way, Diane Ravitch recently posted a blog that refers to Duncan talk as “empty PR.” I respectfully disagree. Duncan’s magic-speak leads people to believe, with constant media repetition, that what he says is somehow viable. Crazy talk spoken as reality is caustic and damaging propaganda to all who hear it. It seems like it is time to call Crazy Talk crazy talk no matter how official it may sound coming from a hierarchical figure walking the halls of power.)



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