President Obama helps every Republican Presidential candidate by appointing John King

“By appointing John King, the most unpopular education commissioner in the history of New York State, as Acting Secretary of Education, President Obama just gave a shot in the arm to every Republican Presidential candidate who proposes to abolish the US Department of Education.”
– Professor Mark Naison

President Obama and John King.001



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Fourteen Year-Old School Children, Rosa Parks, Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Planned Parenthood

When presidential candidates train for debates, each of their teams does research for months; the candidates are then coached, rehearsed and prepared for weeks on end. This is basic homework for their debate preparation.

Parks Trump Rubio Cruz.001

Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz all chose Rosa Parks to be on the ten dollar bill as a sign of honor and respect.

After a full night of demonizing Planned Parenthood, this choice showed little if any preparation on the part of all of the candidates. Their statements were bizarre. Rosa Parks was a board member of Planned Parenthood. A simple Google search is sufficient to discover this not-so-secret historical fact. Simple homework.

As a retired language arts teacher with over three decades of teaching experience, I never encountered a single fourteen year-old who gave a presentation so inept. Because I taught all ability levels and listened to thousands of presentations prepared with all degrees of homework (or lack of it), this is saying a great deal. I never encountered a student who didn’t grasp the very basics of his or her own presentation.

Each republican candidate wishes to become the President of the United States of America. The winner will choose a Secretary of Education who will, in conjunction with the President, decide the direction of both public and privatized charter education for American children.

Of course it is obvious that these presidential candidates did not do their homework.


The debates are not debates; the performances put on are mockeries of true debates. The arrogance, lies, distortions and pandering made for a performance that mocked the entire process of free elections. These arrogant candidates said whatever their incredibly wealthy plutocratic campaign donors expect them to say. Shock the audience; stir them up.

The people in the TV audience  were lectured by spin doctor interpreters as to what was meant and who scored what points for the game, and it was a game. Propaganda commercials will flow with money provided by super wealthy campaign donors, their PACs and Super PACs. It’s all about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$.

As long as mega-corporations with multinational investors are legally considered American people with rights and without accountability or responsibility for the common good, the performances will continue. Performances disguised as debates. Corruption as government. Money as freedom. Plutocracy as democracy. Puppets as leaders.

If I had had the republican candidates as fourteen year-old students in my classes, they would have failed their presentations. The reasons for the failing grades are obvious.

In this corrupted environment, reason is not a factor. The winner in this debate/game will arbitrarily determine which schools, teachers, and students will fail.

Whoever is elected will determine the destiny of our children.



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Illinois Retired Teachers: Are the details regarding our Medicare Advantage PPO misleading?

“You have the ability to see any Medicare provider without the constraints of a network.”
Then why are there networks? In my opinion the above statement is misleading, especially when the details are closely examined.

“Your health insurance does not cover what its says is covers. You, personally, must pay whatever amount that out-of-network hospital wishes to charge you.”
– My own paraphrase

Unfortunately, I am forced to paraphrase what I have in (emailed) writing from the State of Illinois Retiree Medicare Advantage Program provided by the State of Illinois UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage PPO.

“When any out-of-network provider is not willing to bill UnitedHealthcare directly, the retiree can be billed for any amounts above the Medicare Allowable amounts. The retiree is financially responsible for whatever charges the provider designates as billable.”
– My own paraphrase

Why must this be my paraphrased message?
The bottom half of the email response I received from UnitedHealthcare has the following at the bottom of the page.

“This e-mail, including attachments, may include confidential and/or
proprietary information, and may be used only by the person or entity
to which it is addressed. If the reader of this e-mail is not the intended
recipient or his or her authorized agent, the reader is hereby notified
that any dissemination, distribution or copying of this e-mail is
prohibited. If you have received this e-mail in error, please notify the sender by replying to this message and delete this e-mail immediately.”

I choose not to martyr myself as a whistle blower by stating the actual words of the email. I will disclose nothing that would allow me to be sued or prosecuted.

However, here is the specific written information given to all retired teachers as stated in the actual “Your Retiree Healthcare Decision Guide” for employees who need the more expensive PPO coverage. (None of this is about being taken to the nearest hospital as an emergency – such as an accident or a heart attack.)

TRAIL Booklet

“With the UHC PPO, you will not have the restrictions of out-of-network coverage. So even though UHC has a network of providers, if you receive care from a provider not in the UHC network (i.e., an out-of-network-provider), the PPO plan pays those providers the same amount Medicare would have paid; you pay the same out-of-pocket percentage as if you had received in-network care.” page 15

Also on page 15, posted as a jpeg above, is the following:

“You must pay the bill and submit a request for reimbursement to UHC for payment. UHC will then reimburse you the Medicare allowable amount, minus any deductible or coinsurance for which you are responsible.” (bold face is mine)

You are responsible for the rest, whatever the total may be.

When the bill goes to you for whatever an out-of-network charges you, you are financially responsible for the bill.
Remember that an out-of-network provider has no obligation to charge the same as an in-network provider. That is why they are out-of-network. The same out-of-pocket percentage of a larger amount could be a hell of a lot of money, money you accepted as a personal debt.

Above is a scan of the actual program.”Without the constraints of a network” is not totally accurate in my opinion.

Is this misleading, a lie, misinformation, a scam, disinformation, fraud, an egregious error, political-corporate collusion, theft, or any one of the above? Only a lawyer could figure out which it is. Because of the corruption called government in Illinois, many of us no longer trust the goodwill of the state legislature.

Part 2: —————–

After days of spending hours on the phone with local hospitals and the employees and supervisors of the UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage PPO, I was told repeatedly that additional information was not available to me, an employee covered by the plan, in writing.
A secret-public healthcare plan?
Finally, one supervisor emailed me the statement below.
“When any out-of-network provider is not willing to bill UnitedHealthcare directly, the retiree can be billed for any amounts above the Medicare Allowable. The retiree is financially responsible for whatever charges the provider designates as billable.”
– My own slightly paraphrased account for reasons mentioned above

This is what harms, financially and emotionally, retirees across America. Information distributed by UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage PPO, chosen by Illinois politicians, can break retired teachers who believe the broadly stated language in this plan without seeking further details which are difficult to obtain.
What other secret-public healthcare language exists in a longer list of detailed billing information? Why is this information not readily available to all potential members prior to their making a momentous decision?

Please get this information out to all of the Illinois retired teachers in your contact lists. Retirees must demand to be given factual, detailed, and unobscured information regarding their selection for coverage.

(I offer one suggestion for all Illinois retirees regardless of what state you may personally reside in today. Stay in-network. The pressure of unexpected bills and personal responsibility for debt should not be risked while you are undergoing serious illness and/or surgery.)



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Hungry school children, Rahm, hunger strikers, and so-called compromise

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D) is playing a very sick power game. He claims to offer a public high school at Dyett for a year, but not the one the community wants and needs. His PR department has presented this to the media as a  so-called compromise.

The corporate media controlled by the billionaires’ private club, the Civic Committee of the Commercial Club of Chicago, will support the so-called compromise. This has been Rahm’s usual method-of-operation for years. Corporate media in Chicago, especially the Tribune News Media Services which includes WGN radio and television, is controlled and extreme. One of its editors recently wrote of her desires was to see a Katrina type of storm that would destroy Chicago ,except her exclusive area, and leave a wake of bodies floating outside her window.

Rahm Dyett Edict.002

Go to #FightForDyett and #WeAreDyett to understand that people have resorted to a hunger strike, intentional starvation with severe risks of health damages and death, in order to have a public high school available for their children – in the third largest city in the wealthiest country in the world. There is bitter irony in a hunger strike for children who rely on schools for free or reduced meals to keep them out of hunger.

Rahm is the face of the corruption called government in Chicago. Of course Rahm’s Chicago allows many of its corporations to pay no taxes and even gives away its citizens’ taxes as additional offerings to Rahm’s corporate campaign donors. School children be damned. Communities be damned. The hunger strikers? Starve and die. Or “compromise” and watch your children get dumped on again and again.

Rahm is playing a very sick game. To him it is a thrilling game. It’s all about a land-grab, power, and money. Yes, it’s all about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to Rahm and the boys.

To the adult hunger strikers it is life or death.

To the children of working class people? Their future is being determined.


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What to believe? Greedy teachers, a successful budget director, a warped news account, threat of a shutdown

Teacher pensions are bankrupting a state, the $30,000 per month budget consultant successfully saved the state, the legislature and governor still have no spending plan, the governor praised the consultant’s brilliant success, the consultant suddenly quits in triumph, the state faces a shut down by the governor for lack of budget funding – all in the same article in the Tribune.

Donna Arduin

This is not, unfortunately, a TV soap opera.

This what happens when corporate media propaganda disguises itself as news, as honest journalism.

This causes cognitive dissonance which causes stress and can lead to destructive behavior and damage to an individual’s mental health. On a mass delusional level, this can destroy a country’s ability to tell the difference between image and reality.

From the Chicago Tribune:
“(Illinois) Gov. Bruce Rauner’s “superstar” (Donna Arduin) $30,000-a-month budget consultant is leaving the administration as a stalemated state government continues without a spending plan…

Donna Arduin, who joined the Rauner team in early February, helped the rookie Republican governor put out his first budget proposal, which relied on $2 billion worth of savings from state worker pension cuts that never materialized and that critics said would be unconstitutional…

‘She helped engineer the elimination of an inherited $1.5 billion budget deficit without a tax increase and produced an on-time budget proposal for the governor to present barely more than one month after taking office,’ (Gov. Rauner’s budget chief Tim) Nuding said.”

(Try reading that aloud three times in a row without having your head explode.)

Arduin has worked for California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michigan Gov. John Engler, New York Gov. George Pataki and Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. And we all know what condition those state economies are in. Successes? No way!

Gov. Bruce Rauner has cut programs for state education programs, for children with autism and for other essential public services impacting seniors and disabled children. He continues to threaten to shut down the state government for lack of a spending bill. This catastrophe may occur very soon.

And the legislatively created crisis (pillage) of teacher pension funds is to blame? How bizarre is that scapegoating?

Cognitive dissonance. Mass delusions. Millions of Illinois residents are suffering.



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OMG: Florida Rep. Bill Posey sends hurricane preparedness email with useless, outdated link.

U.S. Rep. Bill Posey (R) of Florida’s Space Coast, as an imminent hurricane approaches, immediately sent an email to his constituents with a long outdated link that gives no storm watch information. It is useless.  (

Posey hurricane warning

It is so outdated that the link within the link that redirects Floridians to watch the storm’s progress is also dead. (“This link not available.) (

Posey emergency site links

Posey is a long time incumbent in a Republican district that assures his re-election for as long as the present district keeps its configuration. Posey supports privatization, public-private partnerships for schools and other public services, that profit greatly from any crisis. His appeal to Tea Party supporters basically states that government cannot be trusted. With Posey in charge, this is a self-fulfilling prophesy.
Old. Outdated. Useless.

As I and millions of Floridians sit and await the hurricane, Posey and his ilk are responsible for keeping us safe.

God Help America. The legalized corruption called government in Florida certainly is not helping us.



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Pearson to become the gate-keeper for student teachers in Illinois.

Ken Previti:

A foreign owned corporation (Pearson) that takes our education tax money overseas and does not pay American taxes will decide who teaches what in Illinois. Our Republican and Democrat politicians have gone mad as they dismantle public education and America.

Originally posted on Fred Klonsky:


Sandra Deines (center).

-By Sandra Deines. Sandra is a member of the Skokie Organization of Retired Educators IEA Retired and a retired Park Ridge high school teacher.

Starting this fall Pearson will be in the business of deciding who becomes a teacher in the state of Illinois. 

The Illinois State Board of Education has adopted a rule that designates Pearson’s “edTPA” as the means by which student teachers will be evaluated and granted certification. 

As the fall semester begins, all student teachers in the state will be required to pay an extra $300 (on top of the tuition they are already paying) and arrange for videotaping so that they can submit a lengthy narrative that covers the planning, execution and evaluation of a series of lessons with one of their classes as well as a ten-minute video of themselves carrying out their lesson with a class.

Student teachers are required to get…

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“If I were King in America” attends a private/public NH Education Summit that refuses attendance to a pre-approved teacher

John Kasich, the “moderate” candidate for president, hates teachers so much that he attended an Education Summit in New Hampshire that refused attendance to a pre-approved teacher who had a valid ticket. Private organization pretending to be pro-education do things like this.

Edushyster Jennifer Berkshire reports via twitter.

The Ohio governor (R), who wishes to be King, wouldn’t even allow teachers to speak to each other or be allowed a room to speak in.If I were king in America, I would abolish all teachers’ lounges, where they sit together and worry about, ‘Woe is us.'”

John Kasich

It is also important to realize that Donald Trump is a distractor to make the other republican candidates, such as Kasich and Bush, appear moderate. Of course the latest North Carolina poll shows that Trump is running neck-to-neck against Deez Nuts. (No joke, though I wish it wasn’t.)

“The new PPP poll revealed independent candidate Deez Nuts is polling at 9 percent in the Tar Heel state. Running as an independent from Wallingford, Iowa; population 197, Deez Nuts has gone viral and has a large fan base.”

The scapegoating of career teachers continues with a degree of hate mongering that is mind boggling. There is nothing funny about this.

Teachers, parents and all who hope to see America’s children advance and succeed must educate people to this hate mongering and insane scapegoating that pretends that massive numbers of rotten teachers are destroying America even as corporations dismantle schools for their own private profit. Untaxed profits from American tax dollars. Profits shipped to foreign tax havens which are not even addressed by these corporate-paid politicos.

This has to end, or America as a world leader will end.


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Save Schools: Fire the savage editor who stooges for corporate education reform.

The days of the Tribune as an actual daily newspaper are over. The Trib is a mega-corporate propaganda machine that kills trees to print hatred, and it imitates an actual American newspaper as defined by respected schools of journalism.

The Trib supports the privatization of public education in order to enrich the corporate education reform investors in the rich-boys’ private club, the Civic Committee of the Commercial Club of Chicago. The Trib supports spending millions of dollars on useless, corporate education reform’s high stakes tests. Those rich boys are also drooling over managing and looting teacher pensions and other public employee pension funds for their own private profit.The Trib blames the victims who are teachers and other public employees.

Destruction for profit is vulture capitalism.

Crisis capitalism. If there is no crisis, create one. Corporate controlled media outlets such as the Tribune shriek destruction as they claim salvation.


What can we do about it?

First, let’s distinguish between nostalgia and good-riddance.

I remember years ago when I designed, printed and sold bookplates (Those small adhesive backed “from the library of” labels.) with designs of the Tribune, the Art Institute, Marshall Fields, etc. directly to the stores and offices of those institutions. After I delivered packages of these to the Tribune and the Oak Street Bookstore in the Drake Hotel, I walked along old Navy Pier talking with fishermen. I ate at Rocky’s Fish House at the base of the pier. I sat along the concrete pier edge, dangled my legs over the lake water, and ate freshly caught fried fish served on waxed paper and brown paper towels.

I have great nostalgia for some things that used-to-be.

For other things, I feel a sense of good-riddance.

Polio was eradicated. Good riddance.


Just the other day, Chicago Tribune Editorial Board Member Kristin McQueary wrote. “I find myself wishing for a storm in Chicago — an unpredictable, haughty, devastating swirl of fury. A dramatic levee break. Geysers bursting through manhole covers. A sleeping city, forced onto the rooftops. That’s what it took to hit the reset button in New Orleans. Chaos. Tragedy. Heartbreak.”

Pleas for destruction while claiming salvation.

The bodies of 1,833 innocent dead human beings in New Orleans – black and white, young and old – floated in polluted salt water during intense heat as carrion birds hovered overhead. This is Kristin’s idea for her city, Chicago. What a profitable opportunity! Think of all the education taxes that could privately profit the rich boys – if only the “in” people could eliminate the little people and public schools and anything not profitable for the rich boys who pay Kristin. This was savage talk that was meant to make her bosses like her.

Now, let’s see. What to do?

Demand that Tribune Editor Kristin McQueary be fired. Why? She used her position as an editor of a major news service to voice her desire to see your parents and children die in the streets and be pecked over by carrion birds. No matter how her fellow editors try to spin it, this is savagery.

Then, break one old bad habit.

Make the Tribune News Service a good-riddance by not paying for it to spread its venomous propaganda. Stop reading it. Don’t buy it on paper or online. Good riddance.

The fully expressed wishes of yet another sociopathic editorial servant to immense wealth and power are not freedom of speech. She is an out of control hate monger. How can we insist she be fired? Let’s not buy the newspaper. Boycott other Tribune News Services such as WGN news and continue to watch their sports and weather.

Tribune propaganda is not news. It needs to end. Good riddance.

By the way, read more details by Diane Ravitch, Mike Klonsky, and Adolph Reed.

Separate nostalgia (photos below) from good-riddance (The Tribune).

 Navy Pier fishingRocky's Fish House, Navy Pier, Chicago


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from a loyal teachers union member – Dear NEA Retired: HOW DARE YOU!

Today, August 17, I received the new Summer 2015 issue of neaTODAY: for NEA-Retired Members with the following cover article:

NO PLANS TO RETIRE! ~ 87-year-old school counselor’s high-touch, personal approach boosts student success.


87 - never retire NEA
NEA President Lily Eskelsen Garcia and the NEA Board continue to take funding, in spite of openly promising otherwise, from Bill Gates and other billionaire funders of Common Core State Standards. They accept that money for an NEA Foundation. Therefore they approve of CCSS which comes with attached high stakes tests. The high stakes tests are used as hire-fire decision makers for teacher evaluations. Value Added Modeling (VAM and the other alphabet soup mix of unproven teacher evaluation models) allows teachers to be fired without just cause before they become too old, too ill or too expensive by reaching retirement age. The cover story lauding a person who has no plans to retire sends a “happy” message that is redolent of Gomer Pyle as a US Marine. However, Gomer was a mere television amusement which was never meant to be even close to reality. The NEA article is meant to be what it states.
I intend no personal slight or insult to the lauded counselor, Lillian Orlich, who is certainly a fine person and a fine counselor.
Where are VAM points for a “school counselor’s high-touch, personal approach boosts student success.” Are we really meant to believe that a “high-touch, personal approach” boosts student success? Where is this on any teacher evaluation list?

In my little county of Brevard, Florida over 350 career teachers have left teaching. The same in happening across America which is facing an accredited teacher shortage.
I am a loyal NEA member and have been for over four decades. I served NEA in Illinois on our local faculty association board for years prior to my retirement. I attended this year’s NEA-RA in Orlando not as an elected delegate but to chauffeur a friend and delegate one day, to have dinner and supportive conversations with Illinois delegates another day, and to attend a BAT event on a third day. I shook hands and talked with the Illinois Education Association President. Even though I need not defend my loyalty, I want to make it very clear that this is NOT an anti-union harangue.
My pension in Illinois has been and is under attack by legislative and gubernatorial thieves who have intentionally underfunded (pillaged) teacher pension funds for decades. This is happening in state after state across the country. The earned compensation (pensions) of active teachers has become a scapegoating scandal as it remains a form of actual wage theft. The theft of income for retirees hangs over our heads as a daily threat of betrayal, abandonment and poverty.
“No plans to retire.” Pay union dues. Pay pension costs. Always remain healthy and active. Never retire. Then, die.
NEA and AFT should be fighting to safeguard pensions for active and retired teachers.

NEA and AFT should be fighting to end CCSS, high stakes tests, and teacher evaluations based on them.
My personal message to our present union leaders, as a loyal believer in teacher unions, is this: How dare you send this message to us!
If it was unintentional, those who wrote and approved this are incompetent. If this was intentional, they are betrayers of union members. Fire them.
Most important of all, send everyone who received this insult an apology. It’s the humane thing to do for those of us who chose or were forced into retirement by circumstance or health.


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